Heavy Internet porn use is not fun

Men, women, and teens are getting caught in the web of on-line pornography and, sometimes, can’t get out.  With the advent of more free porn than ever before and high levels of accessibility, porn addiction is on the rise.

A study in the UK of 1,057 adults aged 18-24 shows that looking at more than 10 hours a week of porn can have detrimental effects on desire for sex with a partner. Porn is rapidly becoming a substitute for actual sex because, for one thing,  it takes less work than intimate engagement with a partner.  Attaching to pornography can negatively impact the users ability to get aroused with a real person, and it can sometimes take months before a natural sexual arousal will return.

The article states:

Men who look at porn for 10 hours a week are much more likely to worry it is influencing their behaviour, the survey suggested.

Higher numbers of those heavy users said their porn viewing had upset a partner or caused them to miss a meeting at work.

Men looking at porn for at least 10 hours a week were also more likely to say it can put them off real-life sex.

To read the article go to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/12918531.

Bringing up kids in a porn culture…

How do you do it today?  How do you bring up sexually healthy kids when there is so much pornography available at the click of a mouse? Take a look at this article by Gail Danes, author of “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality.” Porn Addiction Los Angeles

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More than 40% of Teens in the US Have Had Sex

Hard to believe?  One quarter of them state that they would be pleased if their partner got pregnant.  According to the article in US News,  teen pregnancy has been on the decline the past two decades. These numbers are still high and likely have to do with the continued lack of sex education. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

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Is your teen sexting?

According to this msnbc article many teens are sexting on their cell phones and on-line.  Sexting means sending any kind of sexually explicit photos or videos of oneself or another or sexual chatting either on-line or via cell phone. It seems that teens have a sense of invincibility when it comes to the dangers of risk-taking because the reward center of their brains have formed, but the prefrontal areas that manage good judgment have not. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Many states have serious consequences for sending or receiving sexual photos.  Supervising your teens and talking to them directly about the consequences of these behaviors is important to help them stay safe.  For more information on sexting and to read the msnbc article go to:


Sexting Teens

This article on Medscape Today is worth taking a look at,  “Sexting: New Technology, Old Problem” by Mary E. Muscari, PhD, CPNP, APRN-BC, CFNS.  Ms. Muscari takes a sobering look at the complications caused by teen sexting. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

The author defines sexting as “the sending of sexually charged messages or images via cell phone” or other electronic media that exposes teens making them vulnerable to highly detrimental consequences.

To educate yourself about the power and complexity technology poses to teen’s safety and sexual development, take a look at this article: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/702078

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