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If your tired of keeping your disturbing sexual issues to yourself, or need an inexpensive way to get your sex therapy questions answered you can call a hot-line.  That’s right!  Contact this sex therapy hot-line where licensed professionals will help you with your issues. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

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What is Sleep Sex?

Do you know there are a host of parasomnia’s meaning involuntary behaviors that occur during sleep? Everyone’s heard of sleep walking but sexsomnia or “sleep sex” can be a bigger problem.  That’s right!  People can masturbate during sleep, talk dirty, or worse yet, break the law by forcing sex on to another person. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

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Sexual Assault Awareness and Healthy Sex Talk

Kelly and Becca are sexual assault awareness experts and have been writing about sexual assault since 2003.  They provide educational awareness throughout the country and have a very informative blog.
Also, on their web site www.sexversations.comthey have created a fun and easy way to break the ice and talk about difficult sexual conversations with your partner called “Sexversations.”  Below are some examples of how to get started:

Suggestions for Sexversations®

  • Talk about sex and related issues with your partner or partners.
  • Enjoy open and honest dialogue with your friends.
  • Ideal for many sociology, philosophy, health, women’s studies, wellness, psychology and ethics classes.
  • Perfect for student organization activities or workshops.
  • Great for helping peer educators start conversations.
  • Self-sexversate to help further your own sexual awareness and embrace the more sexually empowered you. 

 Sex Therapy Los Angeles 




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