Story of a “dark marriage”- living with a sex addict

Sally Ryder Brady reveals a life of abuse in her marriage to an alcoholic and sex addict.   This memoir, written by a widow who discovered, upon her husband’s death after almost 50 years of marriage, that he had a double life, affairs with men and gay porn, and he was $70 thousand dollars in debt.  The memoir is about her reflecting back on her life and trying to figure out “what do I know that I didn’t know I knew until now?”  Her husband, a well-regarded editor of Atlantic Monthly, was an emotionally abusive alcoholic and she of course, had grown up in an abusive family, making her a primary candidate to marry an addict.

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Assessing and Treating Love Addiction Free CEU Course at CHS, August 27

Join Aaron Alan, MFT, CSAT as he talks to you about “Assessing and Treating Love Addiction,” on Friday, August 27, 2010 at the Center for Healthy Sex.  Enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry as Aaron takes you through the mysterious process known as Love Addiction, which is showing up in our practices more frequently.

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Erotic Intelligence now available!

Why I Wrote Erotic Intelligence – Watch the video!

You can order my new book,  “Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot Healthy Sex While in Recovery From Sex Addiction” at the Amazon link below.  I wrote this book because so many people struggle with how to have healthy, exciting sex once they’ve committed to a life of sexual recovery.  I think you’ll find it an easy, informative, and useful read.  To order, go to:

Why I Wrote Erotic Intelligence – Watch the video!

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Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Anit-gay activist accused of sexual liason with male prostitute

It’s becoming more and more common today to hear about sexual scandals of the rich and famous or political leaders.  While there’s no way to know whether or not George Alan Rekers, an anti-gay activist,  is a sex addict, the allegations in this article illustrate the gross compartmentalization that sex addicts have to have in order to live double lives. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery From Sex Addiction

Erotic Intelligence is a long awaited book for those in recovery from sex addiction who want to experience sex in healthy, erotic, and life-affirming ways. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Gay or Not Gay?

Do you think it’s beneficial for some people to reject their gay or lesbian attractions?  In an article entitled “A New Therapy on Faith and Sexual Identity” in the Wall Street Journal, The American Psychological Association says that it can be.  When people are tormented by their sexual orientation because it conflicts with their religious beliefs, changing their sexual compass may bring them relief.

This is not meant to be the old “conversion therapy” that “cures” people out of their homosexuality but will certainly create controversy nonetheless.

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Gay Men’s Sexuality Group

If you are gay and interested in exploring your questions about sex, what is healthy and what is not, then this group is for you.

Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Lead by Christopher Donaghue, MSW in a dynamic and non-judgmental fashion, questions around  dating, casual sex, sexual compulsivity, and long-term committed relationships with be addressed.
It’s difficult to be gay and sex positive in a culture that gives the message that anything goes when it comes to sex.  Come sort out these issues for yourself in the safety and comfort of a peer group at the Center for Healthy Sex on Monday nights from 7 – 9pm.
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