Sex Therapy Hotline!

If your tired of keeping your disturbing sexual issues to yourself, or need an inexpensive way to get your sex therapy questions answered you can call a hot-line.  That’s right!  Contact this sex therapy hot-line where licensed professionals will help you with your issues. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

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Sex-Surrogate Therapy

Many people think sex-surrogate therapists are a thing of the past.  Fortunately for many, they are not! Sex Therapy Los Angeles

A sex-surrogate therapist can act as a substitute partner if you don’t have a partner at home who is able or willing to work with your sexual concerns.  Often surrogacy is limited to women helping men because men seem to have more sexual problems during sex with women.  A qualified sex- surrogate often has extensive training and creates a safe and supportive environment to resolve sexual issues.

When working with a sex-surrogate, it is advisable to be in therapy with a sex therapist.  This creates a comprehensive program because the sex therapist and sex-surrogate can create a treatment plan together with you to fit your needs.

To learn more about sex-surrogate therapy visit the Center for Sexual Enhancement’s website at:

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“The Boulevard” (a novel) by Stephen Jay Schwartz

Sex addiction is being recognized more and more as a legitimate problem and pop culture is underscoring this.  Check out this new novel by Stephen Jay Schwartz:

This first novel introduces Hayden Glass, who’s a Robbery and Homicide detective with the LAPD . . . and a sex addict. Glass is thrust into the spotlight when he investigates the brutal murder of a politician’s daughter, and he quickly sees the signs of a sexual predator at work. His investigation leads him into territory he has personal knowledge of, and he finds it harder and harder to keep his own secrets – and his own sanity – as he gets closer to the killer. What he doesn’t know is that the killer is watching him, too, and making Glass himself a target.

You can order this book by going to

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The Spirituality of Sex

In the 10th and 11th centuries in in India, sex was  was thought to be a path to spirituality.

Today, sex has been denigrated to a fast-food item, to be consumed strictly for the high it brings without the heart and soul of exploration into the divine.

In their article “The Spirituality of Sex,” Jurriaan Kamp and Tijn Touber take you through the stages of change sex has undergone over the ages. They bring us full circle  back to sex as a meaning-making meeting of two souls for the purposes of personal growth and development. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

To read their article, go to:

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Society for the Advancement for Sexual Health 2009 Conference

Beginning Wednesday, September 24 the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health will commence their 2009 Conference in La Jolla California.  Join us for an informative four days as we look at “Creating a Culture of Healthy Sexuality: Integrity and Integration.” Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Pre-conference Wednesday, September 23.  Join Kelly McDaniel, author of “Ready to Heal” and myself for our workshop, “Women, Love and Sex Addiction: Integrity and Integration from 9am – 4pm

Thursday, September 24 join the team from the Center for Healthy Sex for our presentation, “It Takes a System to Change a System.” 1:30- 2:45 pm

Friday, September 25 at 9am, I will be talking about my upcoming book, “Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex After Recovery From Sex Addiction.”

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Sexting Teens

This article on Medscape Today is worth taking a look at,  “Sexting: New Technology, Old Problem” by Mary E. Muscari, PhD, CPNP, APRN-BC, CFNS.  Ms. Muscari takes a sobering look at the complications caused by teen sexting. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

The author defines sexting as “the sending of sexually charged messages or images via cell phone” or other electronic media that exposes teens making them vulnerable to highly detrimental consequences.

To educate yourself about the power and complexity technology poses to teen’s safety and sexual development, take a look at this article:

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“Is It Love Or Is It Addiction?” by Brenda Schaeffer, Ph.D.


The updated and new edition of the book that changed the way we think about romance, love and intimacy is now available!


In the expanded 3rd edition of her best selling classic Is It Love or Is It Addiction?, psychologist Dr. Brenda Schaeffer offers readers an expert prognosis of love addiction, what it is, what it is not, how to identify it, and most important, how to get you out of it and into healthy love. It includes:


  • two new chapters –  Romance Addiction and Sexual Addiction;
  • up to date information on the biological and psychological basis of addictive behaviors;
  • the role technology plays;
  • the role of trauma;
  • new stories; and
  • an updated self help section.


If you are ready to move towards a healthier love life and join the thousands whose lives have already been changed by this book, click here:


The book is also available through, and at bookstores. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Helen Fisher Talks About Love and the Brain

Anthropologist Helen Fisher talks about why we love on this video at  She states that romantic love is a basic mating drive and can be an addiction as well. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Love addiction is comprised of focus, obsession, craving, distorting reality, and taking risks.  It also shares the same features of chemical addiction such as tolerance, withdrawl, and relapse.

To watch the video, go to


Dr. Fisher states, “love is in us, it’s deeply embeded in the brain.”

Gay sex addicts

If you are a gay male and interested in a conversation about whether or not sex addiction exists, is a problem for you or a loved one, or you just want to join in on a lively conversation about the topic, visit and blog your two cents: Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Behavioral Health & Addictive Disorders Conference

Join me from May 27 – May 29 in Seattle, Washington for the U.S. Journal’s 22nd Annual Northwest Conference on Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders.

I will be a keynote speaker at 9:00 am on Friday, May 29 talking about my new book, “Erotic Intelligence.” 

In two follow-up sessions, I will be presenting a course entitled “Sex Addiction 101: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Sexual Addiction” and “It’s Not the Orgasm, It’s the Connection: Igniting Eroticism After Recovery.”

Join me and many others for an informative weekend in Seattle! Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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