Intensive Out-Patient Treatment for Sex Addiction

Did you just figure out that you’re a sex addict?  Have you been in sexual recovery for a while and continue to struggle with staying sexually sober on a plan?  Do you think your partner is a sex addict and think he/she needs help?

At the Center for Healthy Sex we offer a low cost, highly effective alternative to long-term, more expensive in-patient hospital care.  For over ten years, the team at CHS has been providing intensive out-patient sex addiction treatment program for those in need.

Our IOPs are usually scheduled for the middle two weeks of every month.  To learn more about our 11-day program call 310-843-9902 or visit out site at

At CHS we’re devoted to assisting you in restoring your sexual health!

Masturbation makes you go blind!

There’s an old wives tale that says, “if you masturbate,  you’ll go blind.”  I have always thought this was one of the most ridiculous, archaic things I’d ever heard, presumably designed for puritanical reasons.  I have   wondered for years where this saying came from.  I still haven’t taken the time to research where it came from but I know one thing, it turns out to be an accurate statement!

I now understand that it doesn’t mean that a person will literally go blind from hours of masturbation, but that it means that they will figuratively go blind! Who knew?! Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Case in point: According to many news sources (google: SEC Scandal), dozens of senior officials at the SEC visited porn sites 16,000 times in one month!  A senior attorney is reported to have spent 8 hours a day looking at pornography during the years when Bernie Madoff was financially raping the country.  All of the SEC officials implicated in this scandal are reported to have been making over $200,000.00 per year – your tax dollars at work!

Again, the senior officials of the United States of America Securities and Exchange Commission were literally masturbating – compulsively – to pornography and NOT doing their job on taxpapyer’s time!

Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome was burning!!

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Center for Healthy Sex Intensive Out-Patient Treatment Program

CHS will kick off the new year with our new Intensive Out-Patient Treatment Program for sexual addiction.  If you or a loved one struggle with sex addiction let us help you start the new year right!  Join us from January 11 through January 22, 2010. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This eleven-day program provides a comprehensive look at your sexual history, sexual acting out behaviors, secrets, lies, and family of origin trauma.  Through the use of  many forms of therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, and EMDR our highly trained staff will create a program that is tailored to meet your individual needs.  You will be involved in group therapy, individual therapy, couples therapy, and twelve-step meetings as part of your change process.

Don’t delay getting the help you need one more day.  Call 310-335-0997

Let us help you restore your sexual health!

Workshops for Sexually Compulsive & Addicted Men in Texas

This is the ninth year of this program: Workshops for Sexually Compulsive and Addicted Men. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

These workshops are designed for men new to recovery, men struggling to maintain their recovery, or men undecided as to whether they are sexually addicted.   This workshop will benefit you if you struggle with out of control and destructive sexual behavior.

Located in beautiful, historic, downtown Austin, Texas.

3-day workshops:

November 13-15 – 2009

February 26-28 – 2010

June 4-6 – 2010

Cost: $695 (meals and accommodations not included)

A printable flyer can be download at

To learn more about the workshops or sexual addiction go to

Contact Dr. Michael Johnson directly at 512 928 4357 or

Sex addiction and eating disorders

The two behavioral addictions that most resemble one another, and often go hand-in-hand,  are sex addiction and eating disorders.  Both of these problems are difficult to change because the human race can’t survive without sex or food.  However, if you are addicted to sex you can certainly live without it (at least for a while) but if you’re addicted to food, you definitely can’t live without it. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Recovery from these addictions requires clear boundary plans that are monitored by others in the person’s recovery community such as a sponsor, therapist, etc. 

In his article entitled “Sex Addiction Common Alongside Eating Disorders,” author Matthew Teimeyer examines the parallel between these  two behavioral addictions.  To read the article, click on

Workshops for Sexually Compulsive and Addicted Men

Dr. Michael Johnson is pleased to announce the dates of this season’s Workshops for Sexually Compulsive and Addicted Men.  These workshops are designed for men new to recovery, men struggling to maintain sexual sobriety, or men undecided as to whether they are sexually addicted.  It may benefit you or others you know who struggle with out of control and destructive sexual behavior.  This is the eighth year of this program. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

The dates for these 3-day workshops are:

November      14-16, 2008

March               6- 8,  2009

A printable flyer is attached or you can download a flyer at

The workshops are held in beautiful, historic, downtown Austin, Texas.  The cost is $850.  Meals and accommodations are not included. To learn more about the workshops or sexual addiction go to

Contact Dr. Michael Johnson directly at 512 928 4357 or

For those in the Austin area, I am also pleased to announce that there is currently space available in the Ongoing, Process Group for Sexually Compulsive and Addicted Men.

Circumscision and sexual compulsivity: Are they related?

At the Center for Healthy Sex, women often ask if male circumcision can lead to sexual compulsivity.  The thinking is that an uncircumcised penis is more sensitive while the circumcised one is less sensitive, therefore needing more stimulation in order to experience pleasure.  As far as I know, there is no scientific data to bare this out and therefore, this is only speculation

Many factors can contribute to sexually compulsive behaviors.  If a person is masturbating compulsively, it may be that he/she has an obsessive compulsive disorder that manifested in this way due to some form of early childhood experience that was traumatizing. 

Each person who suffers from sexually compulsivity has a unique story, which is often based in pain as a result of suffering emotional, physical or sexual abuse in their childhood.

For more information and resources, visit our website at Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Sexual Compulsivity Workshops for Men

Dr. Michael Johnson of Austin, Texas will host the 2007 season workshops for sexually compulsive and addicted men.  In it’s sixth year, this series of workshops are designed for men new to recovery, struggling to maintain sobriety, or undecided as to whether they are sexually addicted.

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

The four fundamental goals of the workshop are:

  1. To understand the origin, function, and consequences of the addiction
  2. To reduce the shame underlying and caused by the addiction
  3. To develop a robust recovery plan and acquire tools needed to maintain sobriety
  4. To share the healing experience of healthy and honest community
    The dates for these 3-day workshops are:February 9 – 11

    March 23-25

    April 11-13

    May 22-24

    Where:  Beautiful downtown Austin, Texas.
    Cost:  $800  (meals and accommodations are not included)

    Learn more about the workshops at

    Or you can contact Dr. Michael Johnson directly at 512-928-4357 or

    Good luck in your recovery!  Let us know how it goes by clicking the “comment” button below
    (Workshop Presented by Insight Coaching, LLC)

Workshops for the Sexually Compulsive

If you are sexually compulsive and live in the Dallas area, or can travel there, check out these workshops. If you attend the workshop, please comment on this post so that others can know about your experience there.  Thanks and be well!

Sex Addiction Los Angeles