Females can be sex addicts too!

A recent article in Marie Claire Magazine talks about how sex addiction affects females.  I believe women get caught in a neuro-hormonal roller coaster where they chase sex for love hoping to meet “the one.” Take a look at this well-written article. Female sex Addiction Treatment Los Angeles


Female sex and love addiction

Women have a lot of difficulty getting the courage to reach out and get the help they need when it comes to problematic sexual behaviors.  A the Center for Healthy Sex, we’re committed to helping women talk about and heal from these issues without shame.

To learn more about this problem, take a look at this article I co-wrote with Caroline Frost of CHS


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Intensive Out-Patient Treatment for Sex Addiction

Did you just figure out that you’re a sex addict?  Have you been in sexual recovery for a while and continue to struggle with staying sexually sober on a plan?  Do you think your partner is a sex addict and think he/she needs help?

At the Center for Healthy Sex we offer a low cost, highly effective alternative to long-term, more expensive in-patient hospital care.  For over ten years, the team at CHS has been providing intensive out-patient sex addiction treatment program for those in need.

Our IOPs are usually scheduled for the middle two weeks of every month.  To learn more about our 11-day program call 310-843-9902 or visit out site at www.thecenterforhealthysex.com

At CHS we’re devoted to assisting you in restoring your sexual health!

Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery From Sex Addiction

Erotic Intelligence is a long awaited book for those in recovery from sex addiction who want to experience sex in healthy, erotic, and life-affirming ways. Sex Addiction Los Angeles


Women Struggle with Sex Addiction Too

If you are female and are worried about your sexual behaviors, take a look at this video produced by faithave.com.  Marnie Feree, a long-time expert on female sex addiction, talks about the facts of female sex addiction. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This is a faith-based message which I neither endorse or condem.  As they say in the 12-step tradition, “take what you like and leave the rest.”  To view the video go to:


Women Turn To Sex Industry Due to Economic Downturn

I feared it was a matter of time before we began to see young women, and men, turning to the sex industry to make ends meet. This article on the msnbc website tells us just that. With the loss of jobs and financial struggles many are having, young women are turning to stripping.

Often young women think they can handle the work and tell themselves that it’s just a “temporary” solution until they get back on their feet financially. Unfortunately, the money can be seductive and instead of saving the money and getting out, they start to create a lifestyle with it. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This, sadly, becomes a trap that can have women turning to prostitution before they know it. If you or someone you know is thinking about selling their sexuality, now is the time to assist them in getting help before the trap-door closes.

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