Intensive Out-Patient Treatment for Sex Addiction

Did you just figure out that you’re a sex addict?  Have you been in sexual recovery for a while and continue to struggle with staying sexually sober on a plan?  Do you think your partner is a sex addict and think he/she needs help?

At the Center for Healthy Sex we offer a low cost, highly effective alternative to long-term, more expensive in-patient hospital care.  For over ten years, the team at CHS has been providing intensive out-patient sex addiction treatment program for those in need.

Our IOPs are usually scheduled for the middle two weeks of every month.  To learn more about our 11-day program call 310-843-9902 or visit out site at

At CHS we’re devoted to assisting you in restoring your sexual health!

“Is It Love Or Is It Addiction?” by Brenda Schaeffer, Ph.D.


The updated and new edition of the book that changed the way we think about romance, love and intimacy is now available!


In the expanded 3rd edition of her best selling classic Is It Love or Is It Addiction?, psychologist Dr. Brenda Schaeffer offers readers an expert prognosis of love addiction, what it is, what it is not, how to identify it, and most important, how to get you out of it and into healthy love. It includes:


  • two new chapters –  Romance Addiction and Sexual Addiction;
  • up to date information on the biological and psychological basis of addictive behaviors;
  • the role technology plays;
  • the role of trauma;
  • new stories; and
  • an updated self help section.


If you are ready to move towards a healthier love life and join the thousands whose lives have already been changed by this book, click here:


The book is also available through, and at bookstores. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Helen Fisher Talks About Love and the Brain

Anthropologist Helen Fisher talks about why we love on this video at  She states that romantic love is a basic mating drive and can be an addiction as well. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Love addiction is comprised of focus, obsession, craving, distorting reality, and taking risks.  It also shares the same features of chemical addiction such as tolerance, withdrawl, and relapse.

To watch the video, go to


Dr. Fisher states, “love is in us, it’s deeply embeded in the brain.”

2nd Women’s Summit at Life Healing Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico

On March 19, 2009 Life Healing Center of Santa Fe brought together a tour de force of women to take on the task of helping female sex and love addicts! Sex Addiction Los Angeles

I am writing to you from Santa Fe, New Mexico where I just spent the past 2 1/2 days with approximately 12 women from around the country who specialize in treating female sex and love addiction.  It has been an exhilerating weekend of creative ideas coming together to form a standard of care for women who struggle with these painful and challenging problems.

By the end of the weekend tangible tasks and important goals were put into motion, one of which is a book that will assist mental health professionals in providing the best care for female sex and love addicts. 

Stay tuned for more details of what was accomplished as these tasks, surveys, articles, and books come to fruition. 

If you are a woman who struggles with these issues and are interested in participating in an anonymous, on-line survey for the purposes of collecting research information, please contact me at

Are you a love addict?

Are you, or someone you know, a love addict? Are you constantly waiting for others to fill your needs in order to feel good? Do you fantasize endlessly about the “happily ever after story?” Love addict’s are always waiting for “the one” yet are never able to stick with just one. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Danish documentary film maker, Pernille Rose is researching love addiction for a new film. She has created a dedicated web site for people who struggle with this problem who would like to share their experiences in order to help others.

If you are willing to tell your story, go to to be a part of this project.

Love Addiction Documentary

Do you struggle with falling in love repeatedly and thinking that this time will be the last time?  Do you love being in love?  When your ideal fantasy wears off, do you leave tyour relationships?  Have you learned to live with chronic heartbreak?  If you relate to these questions, you may be struggling with love addiction.  Others who don’t know they have this problem would like to hear from you. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

If you would like to share your story and help clairfy what love addiction is then you may want to participate in a new documentary film that is casting now.  To learn more about this movie go to :

Getting “high” on the feeling of love by Aaron Alan

Love addiction manifests in a person’s life when they become dependent on the object of their love.  Whereas sex addicts are addicted to the “high” of being aroused, love addicts are addicted to the “high” of feeling in love.  Their addiction can take the form of putting others needs before their own well-being, trying to control others so that they can get their needs met, often at the other’s expense.  A key way to identify dependent love is how the person feels when the other shows disapproval.  In love addiction, when the love object threatens to leave, either physically or psychologically, desperate behaviors tend to escalate.  Dependent love is always self-serving and a way to avoid looking more deeply at oneself.

The excitement most people feel when they meet a person they are romantically interested in is a normal part of the bonding experience. However, a love addict pushes this excitement to euphoric levels by engaging is compulsive fantasy, imagining ideal love, feeling instant closeness and a complete connection. This euphoria is the “drug of choice” for the love addict. This is their high; which is commonly accompanied by poor decision making because love addicts believe relationships to be closer and more meaningful, particularly in their beginning stages, than they actually are. As a result, love addicts may commit to a relationship much sooner and more intensely than that relationship can in reality tolerate. This leads to engaging in behaviors that are too early and inappropriate for the relationship, such as having sex, moving in together, committing to partnership or marriage, and commingling money, to name a few. These developments frequently lead to problems in the relationship, which the love addict has difficulty attributing as a result of their own poor boundaries and decisions. The problem is either externalized and blamed on the shortcomings of their partner (i.e. “it’s his/her fault, not mine”) or all the blame is assumed as it is internalized and attributed to their own worthiness (i.e., “if I were a better lover, then this wouldn’t have happened,” etc.). Either way, the actual problem is never addressed and the cycle is eventually repeated.

If you worry that you may be love addicted, go the the web site for Sex and Love Addict’s Anonymous and take the test:  Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Male survivors of sexual abuse

e are commited to preventing, healing, and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through support, treatment, research, education, advocacy, and activism.”

For more information about their retreats, how you can support their work and to learn more about this topic, visit their website at:  Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Is it Love or is it Addiction?

Love addicts often talk about finding “the one.”  They talk about love in cosmic terms, obsess about the person they are involved with and fall in love instantly.  There’s always a fantasy component to love addiction.  This can have the addict overlooking problematic behaviors in their object of desire or feeling disappointed when their beloved turns out to be imperfect. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

If you worry about your behaviors and wonder if they’re addictive, take a look at these symptoms then read the article on the link below for more information.  Love addiction: 

  • Is all consuming and obsessive
  • Is inhibited
  • Avoids risk or change
  • Lacks true intimacy
  • Is manipulative, strikes deals
  • Is dependent and parasitic
  • Demands the loved one’s devotion

Can Love Be An Addiction?

Can love really be an addiction?  Stanton Peele says this:

There is an understandable resistance to the idea that a human relationship can be equivalent psychologically to a drug addiction. Yet it is not unreasonable to look for addiction between lovers when psychologists find the roots of drug addiction in childhood dependency needs and stunted family relationships. Chein, Winick, and other observers interpret drugs to be a kind of substitute for human ties. In this sense, addictive love is even more directly linked to what are recognized to be the sources of addiction than is drug dependency.

To read the rest of this article go to:

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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