Intensive Out-Patient Treatment for Sex Addiction

Did you just figure out that you’re a sex addict?  Have you been in sexual recovery for a while and continue to struggle with staying sexually sober on a plan?  Do you think your partner is a sex addict and think he/she needs help?

At the Center for Healthy Sex we offer a low cost, highly effective alternative to long-term, more expensive in-patient hospital care.  For over ten years, the team at CHS has been providing intensive out-patient sex addiction treatment program for those in need.

Our IOPs are usually scheduled for the middle two weeks of every month.  To learn more about our 11-day program call 310-843-9902 or visit out site at

At CHS we’re devoted to assisting you in restoring your sexual health!

Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery From Sex Addiction

Erotic Intelligence is a long awaited book for those in recovery from sex addiction who want to experience sex in healthy, erotic, and life-affirming ways. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Women who want to want

30% of young and middle-aged women go through a period of little to no sexual desire.  While some women say that they’re O.K. with not having sex again, often times that’s not true.

Lori Brotto is one of the world’s leading experts on hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women.  Through her research and experience, she now instructs women on how to be mindful of the sensations in their bodies, leading them to experience themselves as highly sexual, erotic beings.  In her thinking, desire takes time…Sex Therapy Los Angeles

If you are female and struggle with low sexual desire, we can help!  310-843-9902

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Sex and Relationships

Here’s a new web site worth taking a look at.  It’s called "Sex and Relationships" and it’s full of useful information and resources on sex and sexuality.  As people grow into adulthood, It’s important to create a healthy attitude towards sex and understand the realities of a good sex life.  You have to ask yourself important questions like "What does healthy sex mean to me?"  "What are the components of good sex for me?"  "Do I compare myself to what I imagine others are doing?"  In other words, "Who am I sexually?"

Often we are influenced and mislead by what we read in books and see in movies without understanding that each person has their own unique sexual style and what they like and dislike based on family of origin influences, cultural overlays and sexual history. 

Take time to explore what’s true for you and create intimacy with your own self and body.  When you feel confident with what’s true for you regarding your sexuality, then you can communicate these things to your partner. 

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