Sex, Lies, and Congressman Weiner

Another sex scandal? They’re coming so fast now I can hardly keep up with them.  Are men in power acting “like pigs” as the May 30 Time Magazine accuses them of.  Take a look at this article in Time Magazine last week:,16641,20110530,00.html

On the matter of Weiner, this guy has all the signs and symptoms of sexually addictive behaviors.  You might think his arrogance is shocking then be fooled by his willingness to apologize over and over again.  Don’t let the apology fool you.  He will act out again if he doesn’t get help because he can’t stop himself.

Let’s see what happens…

Excessive internet porn usage leads to erectile dysfunction

How can excessive Internet porn usage lead to ED?

The brain gets fatigued from viewing the intense and highly graphic pornographic images that are available on-line, making real people less arousing.  When a real, attractive person comes into contact with an excessive Internet porn user, the brain of the porn user doesn’t recognize the person as novel enough to produce dopamine so the body doesn’t get a signal for arousal. In other words, the real person doesn’t activate the dopamine system in the brain so no excitement registers.

The trap is that porn can eventually become an addiction, rendering the user sexually impotent when they try to have real sex with another person.  Take a look at this dramatic and clear article at

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Do you know what cybersex activities include?

Cybersex activities are not only viewing or downloading pornography along with masturbation, but also reading and writing sexually explicit letters and stories, e-mailing to set up personal meetings with someone, placing ads to meet sexual partners, visiting sexually oriented chat rooms, and engaging in interactive online affairs which include real-time viewing of each other using electronic cameras hooked up to the computer.

According to Dr. Mark Schwartz’s book “Sex on the Net is like heroin,” “Cybersex grabs people and takes over their lives, and treatments are very difficult because the people affected don’t want to give it up.”

Take a look at this article:

Psychotherapy Networker Magazine March/April issue

“Addicted to Sex” is a case study I had published last month in the Psychotherapy Networker Magazine.  Although this magazine directs its writings to professionals, lay persons can benefit by the rich and varied information in it.

“Addicted to sex” incorporates the traditional cognitive/behavioral model of sex addiction treatment with attachment theory, privileging the therapeutic relationship and incorporating the use of the body.

To read the article, go to

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Masturbation makes you go blind!

There’s an old wives tale that says, “if you masturbate,  you’ll go blind.”  I have always thought this was one of the most ridiculous, archaic things I’d ever heard, presumably designed for puritanical reasons.  I have   wondered for years where this saying came from.  I still haven’t taken the time to research where it came from but I know one thing, it turns out to be an accurate statement!

I now understand that it doesn’t mean that a person will literally go blind from hours of masturbation, but that it means that they will figuratively go blind! Who knew?! Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Case in point: According to many news sources (google: SEC Scandal), dozens of senior officials at the SEC visited porn sites 16,000 times in one month!  A senior attorney is reported to have spent 8 hours a day looking at pornography during the years when Bernie Madoff was financially raping the country.  All of the SEC officials implicated in this scandal are reported to have been making over $200,000.00 per year – your tax dollars at work!

Again, the senior officials of the United States of America Securities and Exchange Commission were literally masturbating – compulsively – to pornography and NOT doing their job on taxpapyer’s time!

Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome was burning!!

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Porn Apps – What do you think about that?!

Now you can download porn  directly to your iPhone. Anyone can watch porn any where, any place, and any time and you (or your kids) can be subjected to watching it if you happen to be trapped next to a viewer – like on an airplane.  According to a recent article, one in five iPhone users in the UK have used their devices to download porn. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

To read the entire article, go to :

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Porn viewing at work on the rise

According to this report, 25% of people on the job are looking at porn.  Experts believe as people get bored at their desks, this number will increase.  Take a look at this video and let us know what you think by clicking the comments button below. Porn Addiction Los Angeles

Tangled in the Web: Understanding Cybersex From Fantasy to Addiction

Dr. Kimberly Young takes a deeper look into the world of Cybersex in her book: Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Tangled in the Web: Understanding Cybersex from Fantasy to Addiction.  Here is an exerpt from an article about the book:

From the author of the groundbreaking book, Caught in the NET, the first to identify Internet addiction comes, Tangled in the Web: Understanding Cybersex from Fantasy to Addiction. In Tangled in the Web, Dr. Kimberly S. Young builds on her research in the area of online behavior to uncover the brave new world of the Cybersexual Revolution, and the powerful allure of cybersex fantasy. Dr. Young reveals the impact of online sexual fantasies and their potential for addiction. Dr. Young describes who is most at risk to develop Cybersexual Addiction, how the disorder progresses, what drives the compulsive behavior, and offers hope and help for cybersex addicts with a comprehensive plan to stay web sober even when relapse is just a mouse click away.



To read the rest of the article or to order the book, go to:

Teen sex addiction

With easy access to the internet, more and more teens are at risk for becoming sexually addicted.  Although we have very little research on this topic, the developing brain is highly suseptable to input and therefore, structural changes. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Take a look at this article, written by a O’Connor high school student, Brianna Roberts.

Porn addiction among college students

The University of Texas at Dallas is including porn addiction counseling as part of their counseling services on campus.  By now, we all know what a problem porn addiction can be and seem to be coming out of a collective stupor about it culturally.  Porn Addiction Los Angeles

If you are in college and are spending more time looking at porn then studying, you may want to check out this website.  I hope this reduces any shame you may have about your problem and encourage you to go to your campus counseling center and ask for help.

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