Erotic Intelligence Workshop for Couples

The Center for Healthy Sex presents a weekend workshop for couples in recovery from sexual addiction.  Based on my book, “Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery From Sex Addiction” this weekend workshop will focus on intimacy building skills toward the goal of creating sexual desire. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Workshop dates are Friday, September 17 – Sunday, September 19

For more details go to or call 310-335-0997

Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery From Sex Addiction

Erotic Intelligence is a long awaited book for those in recovery from sex addiction who want to experience sex in healthy, erotic, and life-affirming ways. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Cheating Hearts

Are you worried about your marriage?  Do you think your partner may be cheating, on-line or otherwise?


An amazing 60% of men – and 40% of women will have at least one extramarital affair.
The Hite Report on Male Sexuality of 1980 found that 72% of men married two years or more had had an extramarital affair.
The Shere Hite’s 1987 survey of women found that 70% of women married five years or more had had an extramarital affair.
Approximately 15% of women and 25% of men have more than four affairs during their married lives.
Fewer than 10% of people having affairs divorce their spouse and marry their lover (of which 75% of these marriages end in divorce).
Signs of a Cheating Lover / Spouse / Partner:

They start working a lot of overtime

They use the internet excessively

You keep receiving hang up phone calls

Your Lover / Spouse is no longer interested in sex

They use the phrase  ” I need my space!”

Check out this site if you think you need more clarity or information on this topic.

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

The Relationship of Sex and Intimacy

So many people want to fix their sex lives without looking at their relationship.  We have this romantic notion that sex happens early on in a relationship and is ment to stay that way over time.

Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Resentments build up, busy careers create exhaustion, kids, commitments in the community, etc. all can diminish the love that brought two people togeather in the first place.

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Without a strong, loving, intimate friendship it’s very difficult to have a regular, loving, erotic sex life.  Has your relationship and sex life gotten marginalized?  Is your relationship in trouble?

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