Workshops for Sexually Compulsive & Addicted Men in Texas

This is the ninth year of this program: Workshops for Sexually Compulsive and Addicted Men. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

These workshops are designed for men new to recovery, men struggling to maintain their recovery, or men undecided as to whether they are sexually addicted.   This workshop will benefit you if you struggle with out of control and destructive sexual behavior.

Located in beautiful, historic, downtown Austin, Texas.

3-day workshops:

November 13-15 – 2009

February 26-28 – 2010

June 4-6 – 2010

Cost: $695 (meals and accommodations not included)

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Contact Dr. Michael Johnson directly at 512 928 4357 or

The City of Brotherly Love, Erotic Intelligence, & Jane Valez-Mitchell

I just got home from Philadelphia where I presented two courses for the US Journal Conference on Behavioral Health & Addictive Disorders,  The first talk was on my upcoming book, “Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex After Recovery From Sex Addiction,” and the other entitled “Early Childhood Attachment Patterns Effects on the Neuropsychobiology of Sex Addicts” mirrors a recent article I had published in the Journal of Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity.

While there, I had the pleasure of meeting Jane Velez-Mitchell who talked about her new book, “iwant? My Journey from Addiction and Overconsumption to a Simpler, Honest Life.” Sex Addiction Los Angeles

If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend you do!!

Teleclass with Joe Kort: Why Does THAT Arouse Me?

Learn the hidden meaning of what turns you on! Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Wednesday, October 28 at 8:30PM EST

Fee: $15.00

To register go to

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Joe Kort learned the benefit of helping people explore the origins of their fantasies through years of work with men who are addicted to sex and from those who have been sexually abused. By “cracking the erotic code” and learning the narrative of what the sexual desires mean can help you feel better about your sexuality and learn more about yourself.

Sex Therapy Hotline!

If your tired of keeping your disturbing sexual issues to yourself, or need an inexpensive way to get your sex therapy questions answered you can call a hot-line.  That’s right!  Contact this sex therapy hot-line where licensed professionals will help you with your issues. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

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Sex-Surrogate Therapy

Many people think sex-surrogate therapists are a thing of the past.  Fortunately for many, they are not! Sex Therapy Los Angeles

A sex-surrogate therapist can act as a substitute partner if you don’t have a partner at home who is able or willing to work with your sexual concerns.  Often surrogacy is limited to women helping men because men seem to have more sexual problems during sex with women.  A qualified sex- surrogate often has extensive training and creates a safe and supportive environment to resolve sexual issues.

When working with a sex-surrogate, it is advisable to be in therapy with a sex therapist.  This creates a comprehensive program because the sex therapist and sex-surrogate can create a treatment plan together with you to fit your needs.

To learn more about sex-surrogate therapy visit the Center for Sexual Enhancement’s website at:

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“The Boulevard” (a novel) by Stephen Jay Schwartz

Sex addiction is being recognized more and more as a legitimate problem and pop culture is underscoring this.  Check out this new novel by Stephen Jay Schwartz:

This first novel introduces Hayden Glass, who’s a Robbery and Homicide detective with the LAPD . . . and a sex addict. Glass is thrust into the spotlight when he investigates the brutal murder of a politician’s daughter, and he quickly sees the signs of a sexual predator at work. His investigation leads him into territory he has personal knowledge of, and he finds it harder and harder to keep his own secrets – and his own sanity – as he gets closer to the killer. What he doesn’t know is that the killer is watching him, too, and making Glass himself a target.

You can order this book by going to

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Sexual Addiction or Personality Disorder?

More and more experts are in agreement that compulsive sexual behaviors can be a problem that ruin people’s lives. Sex Addiction Los Angeles. The question still remains whether sex can be an addiction or whether it’s part of a personality disorder.

Read this New York Times article then let us know what you think.  Go to: