The Spirituality of Sex

In the 10th and 11th centuries in in India, sex was  was thought to be a path to spirituality.

Today, sex has been denigrated to a fast-food item, to be consumed strictly for the high it brings without the heart and soul of exploration into the divine.

In their article “The Spirituality of Sex,” Jurriaan Kamp and Tijn Touber take you through the stages of change sex has undergone over the ages. They bring us full circle  back to sex as a meaning-making meeting of two souls for the purposes of personal growth and development. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

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Society for the Advancement for Sexual Health 2009 Conference

Beginning Wednesday, September 24 the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health will commence their 2009 Conference in La Jolla California.  Join us for an informative four days as we look at “Creating a Culture of Healthy Sexuality: Integrity and Integration.” Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Pre-conference Wednesday, September 23.  Join Kelly McDaniel, author of “Ready to Heal” and myself for our workshop, “Women, Love and Sex Addiction: Integrity and Integration from 9am – 4pm

Thursday, September 24 join the team from the Center for Healthy Sex for our presentation, “It Takes a System to Change a System.” 1:30- 2:45 pm

Friday, September 25 at 9am, I will be talking about my upcoming book, “Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex After Recovery From Sex Addiction.”

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CA State Assemblyman Resigns

The Los Angeles Times reports that State Assemblyman Mike Duvall resigned on Wednesday, Sepbember 9 after his lewd comments about women he had been sexually involved with were inadvertently broadcast over an open microphone during a lull in a Sacramento hearing in July.

This is another example of the split we see in sex addicts all the time.  Mr. Duvall is a Republican, pro-family advocate who has clearly lead a double life.  I’m not saying that he’s definately a sex addict but his behaviors certainly make him suspect. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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What is Sleep Sex?

Do you know there are a host of parasomnia’s meaning involuntary behaviors that occur during sleep? Everyone’s heard of sleep walking but sexsomnia or “sleep sex” can be a bigger problem.  That’s right!  People can masturbate during sleep, talk dirty, or worse yet, break the law by forcing sex on to another person. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

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