What the 12-step programs have known for 70+ years is now proven!

Mavis Humes-Baird www.recoverysense.com tells us:

12-Step wisdom cautions that relapse can only occur when opportunity and desire meet. That wisdom therefore suggests “Stay away from People, Places and Things,” to minimize your opportunities. Now, a scientific study shows that doing so not only minimizes the opportunity to relapse, but your desire as well. There is a long list of other program tools for minimizing the desire to relapse. Of course, minimizing and replacing both the desire and the opportunity as much as you can is still a big part of what recovery is all about!

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The other program wisdom upheld by this study is the need for surrender. The phrase from the AA Big Book, “No amount of human willpower could have relieved our alcoholism” comes to mind. And another goes, “So far as alcohol was concerned, confidence was overrated…..”

To read the article on Yahoo! News, “Temptation Harder to Resist Than You Think, Study Suggests” go to: