Premature Ejaculation in Pakistan

Some time at the beginning of 2009 I got an email in my info@centerforhealthysex box from a man named “Michael” in Pakistan.  He wrote that he was suffering from high anxiety and premature ejaculation and had the courage to reach out and ask me for help.  Knowing that his problem was not unusual and fairly easy to address, I referred him to two books I thought would be helpful.  To my surprise, he wrote back telling me he was a student who could not afford to purchase books and had no means to charge books on-line.   Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Buying a book on-line is a basic transaction in my world so I was taken aback that this simple activity was a hardship for him.  So I decided to buy the books for “Michael” and mail them to him in Pakistan.  After a debacle with a bookseller on Amazon and a number of communiques with “Michael” as we waited for the books to arrive at my office, I finally sent the books via US mail.  I have to say I was not that confident that he would get them because his address was so convoluted.  It read something like this: the name of his employer, across from the butcher shop, next to the bank, Pakistan and a postal code of sorts (I’m not kidding!)

Ten days later, “Michael” received the books and sent me a thank you note.  He was incredibly grateful and began reading them.  After a few months, I received an email from him letting me know his progress.  I think you might be as moved as I was when you read his note.  It reminded me how little it takes to help someone restore their sexuality.  For those of you who have more access and resources than “Michael” did, I hope this inspires you to reach out and get help.  

Once I was very worried about my P E. I was unable to know why it occurs.
I used to ejaculate within a minute . Luckily I got two useful books recommended me by honourable Miss Alexandra
Katehakis. The name of one book is : Coping with Premature Ejaculation written by Michael E Metz and Barry W Mc Carthy. The book has a biopsychosocial approach which has not only helped me substantially to control rapid ejaculation, but also increased my sexual joy. For the first time, I understood the multi causal and multidimensional problem of Premature Ejaculation and to enjoy sex with enhanced ejaculatory control. The book presents different diagnostic methods and tools to scientifically evaluate and assess P.E. I came to know exactly in what type of P E, I was suffering from. I also found the psycho sexual exercises very useful.
The other book that was recommended me was : Anxiety and Phobia Workbook written by Edmund J
Bourne. For most people, P E is caused by anxiety. The book has a holistic approach to overcoming anxiety, phobia, depression etc.  When I learned how to manage my anxiety, I gained good control of my P E.
In short I found these two books very beneficial and I recommend these books to all those guys who are worried about their premature ejaculation. I am still on the path of progress.
With best wishes

“Is It Love Or Is It Addiction?” by Brenda Schaeffer, Ph.D.


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Helen Fisher Talks About Love and the Brain

Anthropologist Helen Fisher talks about why we love on this video at  She states that romantic love is a basic mating drive and can be an addiction as well. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Love addiction is comprised of focus, obsession, craving, distorting reality, and taking risks.  It also shares the same features of chemical addiction such as tolerance, withdrawl, and relapse.

To watch the video, go to


Dr. Fisher states, “love is in us, it’s deeply embeded in the brain.”

Mavis Humes Baird Talks Sex Addiction on CBS News

Experts continue to struggle with how to define the problem of compulsive sexual behaviors because of the lack of scientific data to support that the need for sex can feel like an addiction.  Thousands of men and women describe their need for sex and inability to control their behaviors as feeling like an addiction.

Psychotherapist Mavis Humes Baird talks about sex addiction as a bona fide disorder in this interview in the Huffington Post.

In this CBS News interview, Ms. Humes Baird gives clear answers to this problem

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