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Is there such a thing as sexual fluidity or is our sexuality static?  This author offers both research and explanation as to why/how it’s possible that our sexuality fluctuates over time and according to who were with and where we are in our lives. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

“I Kissed a Girl” Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s Love and Desire by Lisa M. Diamond Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2008,  is available in  hardcover should you want to read the book.

Below you will find an excerpt of her book reviewed by Ellyn Ruthstrom:

In a culture most comfortable analyzing important issues using binary concepts—Democrat/Republican, pro/con, right/wrong—the straight/gay binary of sexual orientation is particularly well-defended. Admitting to any element of ambiguity or changeability in this most intimate part of our identities strikes fear into the hearts of many. Certainly the biphobia—prejudice against bisexuals—that is exhibited by both the straight and gay communities is a manifestation of that fear. If we understood ambiguity better, would we be able to accept that a fluid sexual orientation is as valid as any other? Would there be less distrust and apprehension of those whose sexuality doesn’t fit into a heads-or-tails reality?

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