Women Turn To Sex Industry Due to Economic Downturn

I feared it was a matter of time before we began to see young women, and men, turning to the sex industry to make ends meet. This article on the msnbc website tells us just that. With the loss of jobs and financial struggles many are having, young women are turning to stripping.

Often young women think they can handle the work and tell themselves that it’s just a “temporary” solution until they get back on their feet financially. Unfortunately, the money can be seductive and instead of saving the money and getting out, they start to create a lifestyle with it. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This, sadly, becomes a trap that can have women turning to prostitution before they know it. If you or someone you know is thinking about selling their sexuality, now is the time to assist them in getting help before the trap-door closes.

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2nd Women’s Summit at Life Healing Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico

On March 19, 2009 Life Healing Center of Santa Fe brought together a tour de force of women to take on the task of helping female sex and love addicts! Sex Addiction Los Angeles

I am writing to you from Santa Fe, New Mexico where I just spent the past 2 1/2 days with approximately 12 women from around the country who specialize in treating female sex and love addiction.  It has been an exhilerating weekend of creative ideas coming together to form a standard of care for women who struggle with these painful and challenging problems.

By the end of the weekend tangible tasks and important goals were put into motion, one of which is a book that will assist mental health professionals in providing the best care for female sex and love addicts. 

Stay tuned for more details of what was accomplished as these tasks, surveys, articles, and books come to fruition. 

If you are a woman who struggles with these issues and are interested in participating in an anonymous, on-line survey for the purposes of collecting research information, please contact me at info@centerforhealthysex.com.

Social Networking for Recovery

One Recovery is a social networking system for those in recovery from most anything. If you need a way to connect to others and can’t always make a meeting, this is a place to check out. While not the best choice for getting out of isolation and reaching out, it’s better then nothing. Sex Addiction Los Angeles


Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow to Change Your Life!

SantoriniWhen does your recovery begin?  Are you waiting for tomorrow, the next holiday or “someday” in the future?  Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Your life is on now and if you are living a double life, lying to yourself and the people you most care about, it’s time. 

Time to take a stand for your own personal truth and time to reclaim your life.  If you’re waiting for “someday” then make that day today because the sun is setting somewhere in the world and life is short!