Gay Men’s Sexuality Group

If you are gay and interested in exploring your questions about sex, what is healthy and what is not, then this group is for you.

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Lead by Christopher Donaghue, MSW in a dynamic and non-judgmental fashion, questions around  dating, casual sex, sexual compulsivity, and long-term committed relationships with be addressed.
It’s difficult to be gay and sex positive in a culture that gives the message that anything goes when it comes to sex.  Come sort out these issues for yourself in the safety and comfort of a peer group at the Center for Healthy Sex on Monday nights from 7 – 9pm.
For more information, call Chris at 310-280-8472 or email him at

Have fun and let us know what you think of the group!

Men’s Sexual Health

“Men’s Sexual Health,” by Barry W. Mccarthy and Michael E. Metz is a must read for men! This is a well researched book full of useful information for optimal sexual health. The author’s state, “Anything good for your physical body will be good for your sexuality, and anything that subverts your physical body will subvert your sexuality”.In that, they are saying that fitness is critical for everyone especially men over 40. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

The author’s remind us that behavioral habits like sleep, exercise, eating, drinking, drug use and smoking are key.Chronic health problems like sleep apnea, sleeping less than 5 hours per night, depression and irrability have a major negative impact on sexuality. Smoking is major contributor to erectile dysfunction and medications for blood pressure control can have an impact on desire and erection. We are reminded that stress is the number one killer of sexual desire in the body and the authors recommend that men take a semi annual vacation. “Take all your allotted vacation and personal time” and take “micro vacations” i.e. movie, concert, sporting event and concentrate on this as a microvacation from stress.

  • They recommend that you change your exercise program with age.Don’t do the workout at 40 that you were doing at 20.Look for activities that increase respiration, cardiac output and vascular system heal.All these will improve your sexual vitality and function! Sensuality, looking at how you treat your body, how you workout – “appreciate your maleness and your sexuality at every age of your life.
  • Make new choices for self-nurturance and fun– clothes, food, hobbies, moving bodies, celebrating YOU without shameThe good-enough sex model is not about performance but about acceptance, pleasure and positive, realistic sexual and relationship expectations”.”With the good enough sex model, intimacy and satisfaction are the ultimate purpose, with pleasure as important as function and mutual acceptance as the context”.

“Relationship and sexual satisfaction are the ultimate developmental focus.The couple is an intimate team”

“The essence of sexuality is giving and receiving pleasure-oriented touching, which is the foundation of healthy sexual function”.

Sexual Amnesia

A few cases of sexual amnesia have been reported and studied in Spain. People who can’t remember anything for a few hours after having sex.  This may be linked to high blood pressure or the use of medications like Viagra.  Sex Therapy Los Angeles

To read the article on this, go to:

Is sex addiction really a disease?

Healthblog came out with an article at the end of September and opened it up to readers.  How do you weigh in on this topic? Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Is sex addiction really a problem or a sociallly constructed idea?  Is it just an excuse to “behave badly,” or really a problem that creates destruction in people’s lives?

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