Center for Healthy Sex Intensive Out-Patient Treatment Program

CHS will kick off the new year with our new Intensive Out-Patient Treatment Program for sexual addiction.  If you or a loved one struggle with sex addiction let us help you start the new year right!  Join us from January 11 through January 22, 2010. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This eleven-day program provides a comprehensive look at your sexual history, sexual acting out behaviors, secrets, lies, and family of origin trauma.  Through the use of  many forms of therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, and EMDR our highly trained staff will create a program that is tailored to meet your individual needs.  You will be involved in group therapy, individual therapy, couples therapy, and twelve-step meetings as part of your change process.

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Let us help you restore your sexual health!

Cybersex Addiction in the Workplace

Cybersex addiction in the workplace is a problem the world over.  Findings from an Australian study show that people addicted to cybersex can spend up to 10 hours per day on-line.  People in recovery from cybersex addiction state that they go through a withdrawl symptoms similar to those associated with quitting smoking. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

To read the entire article go to:,cybersex-addiction-an-issue-in-the-workplace.aspx

Porn Apps – What do you think about that?!

Now you can download porn  directly to your iPhone. Anyone can watch porn any where, any place, and any time and you (or your kids) can be subjected to watching it if you happen to be trapped next to a viewer – like on an airplane.  According to a recent article, one in five iPhone users in the UK have used their devices to download porn. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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Is your teen sexting?

According to this msnbc article many teens are sexting on their cell phones and on-line.  Sexting means sending any kind of sexually explicit photos or videos of oneself or another or sexual chatting either on-line or via cell phone. It seems that teens have a sense of invincibility when it comes to the dangers of risk-taking because the reward center of their brains have formed, but the prefrontal areas that manage good judgment have not. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Many states have serious consequences for sending or receiving sexual photos.  Supervising your teens and talking to them directly about the consequences of these behaviors is important to help them stay safe.  For more information on sexting and to read the msnbc article go to:

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Is sex addiction a real problem?  If you’re still skeptical take a look at this well-done TV report. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment of Sex Addiction in NYC

The Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society is sponsoring a workshop I will be presenting this Sunday, November 22, 2009 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM entitled, Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment of Sex Addiction: An Advance Approach to Individual and Group Work. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Please join me for what proves to be a dynamic approach to a challenging topic!

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Join me in New York!

I will be the plenary speaker at the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society on Friday, November 20.  The conference entitled, Integration and Expansion: Leading Groups in a Changing World is on Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21 at the Riverside Chruch.

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I hope to see you there! Sex Therapy Los Angeles

New Sex Addiction Recovery Book: Hope & Freedom for Sexual Addicts and Their Partners

This exciting new book comes from Milton Magness, Ph.D.  If you are new to sexual addiction recovery take a moment to go to the website below and check it out!
Hope & Freedom for Sexual Addicts and Their Partners
Includes information about:
  • Recovery Components
  • Disclosure
  • Polygraph Exams as an Aid to Recovery
  • Celibacy Contracts
  • The Partner’s Recovery Journey
  • Slip and Relapse Recovery
  • A Blueprint for Rebuilding Broken Trust
  • When Is It Time to Move On?
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Workshops for Sexually Compulsive & Addicted Men in Texas

This is the ninth year of this program: Workshops for Sexually Compulsive and Addicted Men. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

These workshops are designed for men new to recovery, men struggling to maintain their recovery, or men undecided as to whether they are sexually addicted.   This workshop will benefit you if you struggle with out of control and destructive sexual behavior.

Located in beautiful, historic, downtown Austin, Texas.

3-day workshops:

November 13-15 – 2009

February 26-28 – 2010

June 4-6 – 2010

Cost: $695 (meals and accommodations not included)

A printable flyer can be download at

To learn more about the workshops or sexual addiction go to

Contact Dr. Michael Johnson directly at 512 928 4357 or

The City of Brotherly Love, Erotic Intelligence, & Jane Valez-Mitchell

I just got home from Philadelphia where I presented two courses for the US Journal Conference on Behavioral Health & Addictive Disorders,  The first talk was on my upcoming book, “Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex After Recovery From Sex Addiction,” and the other entitled “Early Childhood Attachment Patterns Effects on the Neuropsychobiology of Sex Addicts” mirrors a recent article I had published in the Journal of Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity.

While there, I had the pleasure of meeting Jane Velez-Mitchell who talked about her new book, “iwant? My Journey from Addiction and Overconsumption to a Simpler, Honest Life.” Sex Addiction Los Angeles

If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend you do!!