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Sex Therapy and Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Evan Handler’s “It’s Only Temporary”

Evan Handler who appeared in “Sex and the City” admits to having had a cybersex addiction.  He has a book coming out in spring 2009 called, “It’s Only Temporary.” You can learn more about this by clicking on this link:


In an article posted at Sexualhealthconnection.com, the author states, “More and more people are putting themselves forward as sex addicts. Such is the extent of the problem that the Mayo clinic estimates up to 6 percent of adults in the United States are affected. The reason why some experts use the term ‘addiction’ or ‘compulsive sexual behavior’, is because the course and effects of the condition closely matches that of diseases such as alcoholism.”

Sex Addiction Los Angeles


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Porn viewing at work on the rise

According to this report, 25% of people on the job are looking at porn.  Experts believe as people get bored at their desks, this number will increase.  Take a look at this video and let us know what you think by clicking the comments button below. Porn Addiction Los Angeles


Nothing Sexy about Sex Addiction

As sex addiction gets more talked about, it gets legitimized as a bona fide problem.  Courtney Kaminski writes a very smart article in the Brock Press entitled, “Nothing Sexy about Sex Addiction.  Here is an excerpt from the article: Sex Addiction Los Angeles

However, it is important to realize that there is a key difference between promiscuity and sexual addiction. Your roommate may be happy regaling you with stories about the casual sex she had last night, but for sex addicts the sex is not happy sex. Like any addiction the behaviour is merely the process to get to the big payoff at the end, which for sex addicts is the usually the release of chemicals in the brain that one experiences during climax.

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