Teenage Sexuality: Unprotected sex, STD’s, pregnancy and more

Teenage sexual exploration is a developmental task.  Hormones are surging, crushes come and go, bodies are changing, it’s an exciting time.  Given the natural process that all humans go through, it’s shocking that we have abdicated responsabililty for stewarding our young people through this transitional time.  With virtually no sex education in this country we leave kids on their own to get their sex education from one another and pornography. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Recently, the Tyra Banks show created an anonymous survey for teenagers asking about sexual behaviors.  More then 10,000 teens and young women took the test.  You may be shocked to learn that the average girl looses her virginity at 15, often at school.  She also reports having unprotected sex, STD’s, using drugs, and engaging in physical violence.

We all need to take a stand for sex education in our schools and churches now!  To read the article click on the link below then click on the comment button and let us know what you think.