Desire: Where Sex Meets Addiction…

Novelist, Susan Cheever reveals her struggles with sexual addiction in her new book, “Desire: Where Sex Meets Addiction.”  She talks about how she used men and sex to manage her mood and get her through difficult situations throughout her adult life.  She also sees how using sex created more difficulty and that it was the addiction under her alcoholism. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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Sex slaves in the suburbs

On Sunday, October 13, 2008, MSNBC ran a special on “Sex Slaves in the Suburbs.”  They featured popular bars in Houston called cantania’s as well as massage parlors in San Francisco.

The cantania’s solicit women from El Salvador promising them factory or  restaurant jobs in the U.S. where they can make better money to support their families at home.  Sad to leave their families and children behind, but filled with hope for a better life, these women end up as sex slaves fighting for their lives.

In San Francisco, women are brought to the U.S. from Thailand with similar promises.  If you have ever gone to a massage parlor for a “sensual massage” then you most likely have been participating in the human sex trafficking trade.

Many sex addicts who frequent strip clubs or massage parlors tell themselves that they’re not hurting anyone, that prostitutes are making a living, or that hiring a prostitute is a victimless crime. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Think again.  By hiring these women, you are most likely participating in human sex trafficking and violating innocent women in the worst way possible.  If you’ve ever hired a prostitute consider making amends by contributing to organizations that work to prevent the sex traffic trade. Click here to make a donation:

If you hire prostitutes with any reqularity, consider you have a problem and get help immediately. Find a sex addiction therapist in your area:

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Sex addiction misunderstood

Clearly, a lot of folks just don’t get it!  It’s also interesting to see how uncomfortable people are talking about sex without going into uncomfortable, goofy parodies about it.  In this video clip, Ali Wentworth shows us her lack of understanding about sex addiction and her general discomfort with talking about sex.  She says the word “masturbation” as if it’s some dirty, shameful thing that shouldn’t be spoken.  What are your thoughts? Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Father/daughter sex talk

As a father, have you had an appropriate sex talk with your teenage daughter?  Many men don’t due to their discomfort with the topic but it’s crucial for a girl coming into her sexuality to have a sense that her father cares in an appropriate way.  Although challenging, this conversation can have a lasting impact on your daughter and your relationship with her.  By reaching out and initiating the conversation, you are modeling intimacy to her and you’ll most likely leave the conversation with the two of you feeling closer to one another.

If you don’t know where to start, try contacting Ricky Siegel, Vice President of Education, Training and Counseling for Planned Parenthood of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties. He is a licensed and certified mental health counselor, sex therapist, and addictions professional in the State of Florida.

Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Is sex therapy for you?

Do you wonder about your sex life and what’s “normal?”  Do you talk to your friends about their sexuality and compare your sexual activity to theirs?  Most of us don’t know what “healthy sex” is because we’ve never stopped to ask ourselves questions about who we are sexually. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Struggling with low sexual desire, anxiety in the form of premature ejaculation, having painful sex or feeling like you aren’t really sure of who you are sexually are all reasons to seek sex therapy.  Many people avoid sex therapy because they are embarrassed to admit they have a problem.  I would venture to say that most people have sexual issues throughout the lifespan due to changing ideas, bodies, values and desires.

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