Tangled in the Web: Understanding Cybersex From Fantasy to Addiction

Dr. Kimberly Young takes a deeper look into the world of Cybersex in her book: Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Tangled in the Web: Understanding Cybersex from Fantasy to Addiction.  Here is an exerpt from an article about the book:

From the author of the groundbreaking book, Caught in the NET, the first to identify Internet addiction comes, Tangled in the Web: Understanding Cybersex from Fantasy to Addiction. In Tangled in the Web, Dr. Kimberly S. Young builds on her research in the area of online behavior to uncover the brave new world of the Cybersexual Revolution, and the powerful allure of cybersex fantasy. Dr. Young reveals the impact of online sexual fantasies and their potential for addiction. Dr. Young describes who is most at risk to develop Cybersexual Addiction, how the disorder progresses, what drives the compulsive behavior, and offers hope and help for cybersex addicts with a comprehensive plan to stay web sober even when relapse is just a mouse click away.



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Sex addiction crosses cultural, age and socio-economic boundaries

A sixty year old man from Tuscaloosa gives us a clear definition of what sex addiction is:

“You have a pleasure center in the back of your brain and when you’re masturbating those chemicals are being released in your pleasure center,” he said. “But what happens is pornography gets boring and your pleasure center wants more so you escalate from softcore porn to hardcore, from strip clubs to prostitution. It’s like starting on marijuana and then moving to crack cocaine so you can reach the same pleasure release you had the first time you got high. That’s why you get deeper and deeper into an addiction.” Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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Internet Addiction

We think and talk a lot about cybersex addiction today but addiction the Internet is a steadily growing problem that encompasses cybersex addiction.  If you are worried about yourself or a family member consider getting help for this problem.  Sex Addiction Los Angeles

There is a lot of good information and resources on this site: http://news.medill.northwestern.edu/washington/news.aspx?id=95681

David Duchovny’s sex addiction admission causing a stir

Ever since Showtime’s “Californication” star, David Duchovny announced his decision to seek help for his sex addiction, articles and opinions have popped up everywhere. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

All of these articles accurately describe the problem even though some people want to challenge that it’s real.  If you, or someone you love, have been touched by this problem, you know how real it is.

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TV celebrity enters treatment for sex addiction

For those of you who don’t already know, David Duchovny star of Showtime’s “Californication,” entered a program for sex addiction treatment last week.  I want to commend Mr. Duchovny and his wife for their courage in being honest about his problem. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

It turns out that their courage in coming forward about his addiction has already inspired thousands of people to investigate whether or not they have a problem with this issue.  Sexhelp.com, the website that hosts Patrick Carnes’ Sexual Addiction Screening Test, has been overrun with thousands of people trying to access the test.

You can also find this test on my website www.centerforhealthysex.com

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