Sex Addiction Treatment Workshops – Austin, Texas

Dr. Michael Johnson presents, Workshops for Sexually Compulsive and Addicted Men. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

These workshops, located in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas are designed for men new to recovery, men struggling to maintain sexual sobriety, or men undecided as to whether they are sexually addicted. This is the eighth year of this program. 


November 14 -16, 2008

 March 6 –  8, 2009

Cost:  $850.00

Meals and accommodations are not included.

To learn more about the workshops or sexual addiction go to

Contact Dr. Michael Johnson directly at 512 928 4357 or

For those in the Austin area, Dr. Johnson currently has space available in the Ongoing, Process Group for Sexually Compulsive and Addicted Men.


How to find a treatment center


If you are looking for a treatment center for drug and alcohol recovery or sexual addiction, you can go to this website:

 Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This link takes you right to the sex addiction treatment center page but it’s chock full of other resources as well.


Good luck in your recovery!

Porn addiction among college students

The University of Texas at Dallas is including porn addiction counseling as part of their counseling services on campus.  By now, we all know what a problem porn addiction can be and seem to be coming out of a collective stupor about it culturally.  Porn Addiction Los Angeles

If you are in college and are spending more time looking at porn then studying, you may want to check out this website.  I hope this reduces any shame you may have about your problem and encourage you to go to your campus counseling center and ask for help.

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Is infidelity on the rise?

This article appeared in USA Today on July 1, 2008.  The article poses the question of what constitutes an affair.  Some say that it’s no longer just about sex but that getting emotional needs met by someone outside of a marriage qualifies.
With couples suffering from the pressures of both parties working and trying to make ends meet, marriages often get marginalized.  This can have people turning to co-workers and/or to cyber-affairs to get their needs met.  Others will turn to pornography as a form of release that, over time, can lead to cybersex addiction. Sex Addiction Los Angeles
To read the article, click on the link below then let us know what you think.