13 minutes is all it takes!

How long sex should last is getting a lot of attention in the media due to the study that was done last month.  With the amount of pornography on the internet and available through other means, people increasingly think  sex should last for hours. 

But think again.  According to a study at Penn State by Eric Corty, an associate of clinical psychology,  who gave “a random sample survey to 50 members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, an international social group of experts in sexual research,” optimal sex lasts 7 – 13 minutes!

“The survey asked four questions about the length of sexual intercourse. It concluded that too short of a time is less than two minutes and an adequate time would be three to seven minutes. Too long is anywhere from 10-30 minutes, and two-thirds claimed that seven to 13 minutes is most desirable.” Sex Therapy Los Angeles

To read the details of this article, go to http://media.www.cardinalpointsonline.com/media/storage/paper1064/news-Therapist.Survey.Shows.The.Best.Sex.Doesnt.Last.All.Night-3348774.shtml


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