Sexual Information for Women

The female life cycle shifts and changes with each passing year and no two women are the same.  There are so many choices, opinions, books, television programs, radio shows, etc. where we can get information today that it can seem overwhelming. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Each one of us needs to listen to our own bodies and pay close attention to what the health patterns were for our grandmothers and mothers.  Never forget that your intuition is your best compass when it comes to making decisions about life cycle changes. 

It’s also important to find a health care practitioner whose value system lines up with yours so you feel like someone is on your team versus setting yourself up in a “blind obediance” situation.  Find a medical doctor who is open to alternative practices and consult with both.  This way you can make an informed decision based upon what your needs are.

Estronaut is a comprehensive site for women with clear information addressing women’s issues.

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