The brain and sex addiction

From February 28 – March 1, the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals gathered in Phoenix, Arizona at the Black Mountian Conference Center for their third annual symposium titled, “It’s all About the Brain.

Dr. Charles Parker was the keynote speaker and he kicked off the conference talking about the importance of looking at the brain via SPECT scanning.  This innovative process allows for an actual look at the sex addicts brain to better determine exactly what’s going on.  Often sex addicts have deficits in the brain due to early childhood attachment trauma, actual blows to the head via accident’s, and/or due to excessive drug and alcohol abuse.  Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Dr. Patrick Carnes pioneering leader in the field of sexual addiction, is empahsizing the importance of changing the brain via intensive focus in order for the sex addict to stay sexually sober over time and to effect long-term positive change.  Dr. Carnes task-centered approach is what we use at the Center for Healthy Sex when treating sex addicts.

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