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e are commited to preventing, healing, and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through support, treatment, research, education, advocacy, and activism.”

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Internet, porn and cybersex addictions

Moderation is a difficult aspiration in our culture of excess.  We hear stories daily of people loosing their families, jobs, homes, relationships, etc. due to excesses they have engaged in.  Likewise, contentment is highly underrated and “getting ahead” is held up as the American dream, even though American’s are more stressed then ever.  The article below talks about the pitfalls of too much of a good thing, namely the Internet.  It says:

“The Internet is a wonderful tool for communication. However, it can become an escape from reality that has the appearance of safety, intimacy and anonymity. Use of the Internet for games, gambling, messages, porn or cybersex can become as addictive as any other drug.” Porn Addiction Los Angeles

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Is America addicted to porn?

There continues to be an on-going debate as to whether or not pornography is a problem or a simple pleasure.  Two members of the adult industry will debate this issue with two members of the religious right and you can tune in. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

The Adult Video News Media Network, a trade publication, estimates that the porn industry earns $14 billion annually, and there are estimates that there are 4.2 million pornographic sites online with 40 million visitors daily. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

On Feb. 15, “Nightline” co-anchor Martin Bashir moderates the “Nightline Face-Off: Is America Addicted to Porn?” in New Haven, Conn., during Sex Week at Yale University.

You can Start watching the debate Thursday Feb. 21 on, plus watch the full story on “Nightline” Friday, Feb. 22 at 11:35 p.m. ET

From “stud” to addict status

When do gay men know when enough sex is too much?  This is a very personal question and each person has to answer according to their criteria of what’s healthy for them and what isn’t. 

In an article in Frontiers Magazine called “Once is not enough,” Michael Liberatore raises the question of who defines sex addiction for the gay man.  Sex Addiction Los Angeles

The article states:

But as gay men, aren’t we socialized differently regarding how much sex is too much sex?  If we compare ourselves to the average straight male, don’t we all seem a bit compulsive?

I think this is a very personal question and each person has to answer according to their criteria of what’s healthy for them and what isn’t.  Gay people may be more suseptible to becoming sexually compulsive due to the stident homophobic culture they grew up in, and the impact sexual accessability has on them.

The article continues:

“It’s tricky for gay men,” explains Alexandra Katehakis, MFT, of the Center For Healthy Sex in Beverly Hills. “Anonymous sex is part of gay culture. It’s up to the individual to decide if they feel their behavior is addictive. By that, I mean are they entrenched in secrets and lies…or have they tried to curb their activities, and found it impossible? If they can’t stop—if their lives have become unmanageable, then they need to con•sider their behavior as addictive.”

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Experience, strength and hope

This is a blog where sex addicts in recovery share their experience, strength and hope with one another.  If you are struggling with out of control sexual behaviors, are new to recovery or have been in program for a while, you will find the honesty of this blog helpful. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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