There are a lot of “functioning” addicts out there, whatever that means!  People who are highly compartmentalized can “function” in life.  That means, they can fool their partners, their bosses, and even themselves, for awhile.  Eventually though, the addiction always catches up with them.

In the tradition of the 12-steps “unmanagability” really means “messes.”    People who are involved in any kind of addiction will always have some mess in their lives because they favor the addictive behaviors over taking care of their needs and their responsabilities.  These messes are a result of the addiction and are considered evidence for how the addict’s life has become unmanagable.

Unmanagability can range from being chronically late to work, not being fully present with your kids, getting caught in lies, loosing a job, getting arrested, feeling like a fraud, drifting apart from your friends and family, giving up hobbies, missing opportunities, etc.  The list goes on and on. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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MP3 Recovery Downloads


Dr. Milton Magness is offering numerous recovery-related MP3 downloads at www.RecoveryOnTheGo.com.  They are designed to help people make better use of their daily commute and exercise time.  Some of the titles include:

  • Am I a Sex Addict?
  • Getting Started in Recovery,
  • Accountability in Recovery, and
  • Disclosure.

An advantage of MP3s is that they can be listened to again and again to help internalize the recovery tips and tools they contain.

For more information go to www.RecoveryOnTheGo.com or call Dr. Magness at (713) 630-0111. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Women and sex addiction

Two women courageously talk about their childhood molestation and the way their trauma led them to compulsive sexual behaviors.  Sex Addiction Los Angeles. You can see the video on UTube:


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Where there’s drama, there’s trauma!

Sex addicts and their partners always have drama in their lives.  Drama is prevelant because the addict is unconsciously acting out unresolved childhood issues while the partner unconscioulsy reacts to the addict.  The “drama” is rooted in some kind of traumatic experience and, without properly addressing it, the addict and co-addict will continue to run the same patterns over and over again. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Recovery puts an end to the drama because the recovering addict and partner, begin to address their trauma in addition to their resentments, abuses, hurts, ways they have abused others, secrets, lies, and the lack of integrity in their lives.

If you or someone you know constantly has drama in their lives, you can bet it’s coming from unresolved trauma.  The new year is a good time to seek therapy and/or 12- step help so you can start moving in the direction of recovering your life and creating a positive vision for what you want in your future .

Good luck in your recovery!