Teen angst and sexual wisdom

Jennifer Freed, Ph.d. writes:

Angst and the teenager. Like bread and butter, right? One of the main sources of their suffering comes from the consequences young people encounter from unconscious decision making around sexual choices. They still get and transmit STD’s, they frequently sleep with people when they are high or drunk, and they have sex because they want to be liked.

Relationship Wisdom engages the young person in a conscious working of their own values, desires, and dreams relating to their sexual journey.  This consumable workbook contains over 30 exercises with blank journal pages throughout.  It is designed for teens to become aware of their sexuailty and their sexual practices increasing their emotional intelligence in the process. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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Korea creates “boot camps” for cyber addiction

Cyber addiction has become such a problem, with youth actually dropping dead, that the Korean government has created “boot camp” style rehabs to help people stop.  Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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When do you know if sex is a problem?

There are some heated debates over whether sex addiction exists or whether it’s a strategy to turn sexual expression into something shameful, bad and downright wrong.  The people who don’t believe in sex addiciton believe that the people who treat sex addiction are out to create profitable businesses.  The people who do believe that sex addiction is a real problem see the porn industry as the major profiteers. 

The anti-sex addiction people believe that the pro-sex addiction people are out to create a culture of fear.  They believe if the pro-sex addiction people succeed then sexual expression will be feared and the use of pornography, homosexual sex, premarital sex, and other sexual behaviors will be shut down. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Do you think that sex addiciton is real?  Or do you think it’s a construction to make people scared; to give up pornography, pleasure and the right to sexual expression?

How do you know if you are a sexual free spirit or if sex is causing you problems? 

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Do you believe sex addiction is real?

MSNBC is currently running a poll on this topic and here are the findings:

Do you believe that sexual addiction is real?   * 12819 responses

Yes, I think some people have a destructive relationship with sex.
No, I think it’s largely an excuse some people use for cheating or other bad behavior.
I’m not sure.

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