Can Sex Addiction be Cured?

People seeking recovery from sex addiciton, or their partners, often ask whether they can be “cured,” as if the “condition” were a rash or something that can easily be cleared up.  The truth is that true sex addiction requires a lot of on-going attention to the problem and the underlying conditions that caused the problem.  A true “cure” may never come, but people can stop their problematic, and often, destructive behaviors by getting the right help. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This article, called “How to Cure a Sex Addict,” provides clear information about what course a person might take in order to get help for his or her problematic sexual behaviors.

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The Center for Healthy Sex (CHS) treats a broad spectrum of sexual disorders including; sex addiction, low sexual desire and sexual dysfunction. The experienced, highly skilled clinical staff of CHS offers intensive individual and group psychotherapy.

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