Can Sex Addiction be Cured?

People seeking recovery from sex addiciton, or their partners, often ask whether they can be “cured,” as if the “condition” were a rash or something that can easily be cleared up.  The truth is that true sex addiction requires a lot of on-going attention to the problem and the underlying conditions that caused the problem.  A true “cure” may never come, but people can stop their problematic, and often, destructive behaviors by getting the right help. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This article, called “How to Cure a Sex Addict,” provides clear information about what course a person might take in order to get help for his or her problematic sexual behaviors.

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Is Porn Right or Wrong?

Do you think pornograhy is a problem in and of itself?  Or does the person partaking in it turn it into a problem based on their past traumas and feelings of shame?  What is right and what is wrong for you when it comes to viewing porn?  Do you think about this and where it fits into your life, community, family?  When was the last time you had a serious talk about porn with your spouse and/or teenage children?

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Ron Jeremy, porn star and Michael Leahy, recovering sex addict travel around the country and debate these issues.  You can learn more about their debates by going to:

Is it Love or is it Addiction?

Love addicts often talk about finding “the one.”  They talk about love in cosmic terms, obsess about the person they are involved with and fall in love instantly.  There’s always a fantasy component to love addiction.  This can have the addict overlooking problematic behaviors in their object of desire or feeling disappointed when their beloved turns out to be imperfect. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

If you worry about your behaviors and wonder if they’re addictive, take a look at these symptoms then read the article on the link below for more information.  Love addiction: 

  • Is all consuming and obsessive
  • Is inhibited
  • Avoids risk or change
  • Lacks true intimacy
  • Is manipulative, strikes deals
  • Is dependent and parasitic
  • Demands the loved one’s devotion

Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex

The California Board of Consumer Affairs has published a pamphlet called “Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex.”

If you’ve never been in therapy and have questions about this topic, or if you have been in therapy and feel you have been violated sexually, take a look at this clear and simple pamphlet for specific information and answers to your questions.  Sex Addiction Los Angeles