Sexual Compulsivity Workshops for Men

Announcing the 2007-2008 season of the Sexual Compulsivity Workshop for Men. These workshops are designed for men new to recovery, struggling to maintain sobriety, or undecided as to whether they are sexually addicted.  This season is the lucky seventh year for this workshop. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

The four fundamental goals of the workshop are:

To understand the origin, function, and consequences of their addiction

To reduce the shame underlying and caused by the addiction

To develop a robust recovery plan and understand tools needed to maintain sobriety

To share the healing experience of healthy community

The dates for these 3-day workshops are:

October 12-14, 2007

February 9-10, 2008

April 11-13, 2008

The workshops are held in beautiful, eclectic Austin, Texas.

The cost is $850.  Meals and accommodations are not included.
Learn more about the workshops at

Contact Dr. Michael Johnson directly at 512-928-4357 or

(Workshop Presented by Insight Coaching, LLC) addiction

.com: Cybersex Addiction is the story of real people whose virtual worlds become more compelling, more “real” than the outside world. Two Canadian professionals—a computer tech-support worker and a lawyer so affected that he entered a treatment program—share their stories of battling what psychologists refer to as one of the most rapidly growing addictions. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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From Streetwalking to Cyberwalking…

Did you know that prostitution is accessable on Craig’s list these days? 

“Craigslist has become the high-tech 42nd Street, where much of the solicitation takes place now,” said Richard McGuire, Nassau’s assistant chief of detectives. “Technology has worked its way into every profession, including the oldest.” Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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One Man’s Brief Story…

Cybersex is one of the fastest growing addictions in the US today.  It can capture anyone at anytime.  Here is a brief video clip that exemplifies how anyone can be snagged by the net. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Notice how the man in the clip talks about having a video monitor in his office that faces away from the door.

If you think you have a problem with cybersex, one easy thing you can do to assist yourself in stopping is to turn your video monitor so that it faces your office door.  If your monitor is at home put it in a common space that your entire family uses so that you are visable when on the computer. 

You can also download or buy content monitors that are easy to install.  Have a friend install it so you don’t have access to the password.  These small tips can be the beginning of your recovery from cybersex addiction.

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