Help for Low Sexual Desire

The article in the link below highlights the usefulness and importance of sex therapy for couples who lack desire for sex.  Lack of sexual desire can come as a result of emotional or physical problems between two people in a relationship.  Low sexual desire is often a natural part of being in a long-term relationship and a problem that can be fixed with the right help. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Whatever the reason, it’s important to get beyond the embarassment of talking about sex and get the help you need.  Couples can suffer in silence due to years of sexual dissatisfaction which can cause unnecessary unhappiness and depression.

Don’t despair, there are many trained sex therapist who can help you.  To find a therapist in your area go to

Read this article for more information:


The Center for Healthy Sex (CHS) treats a broad spectrum of sexual disorders including; sex addiction, low sexual desire and sexual dysfunction. The experienced, highly skilled clinical staff of CHS offers intensive individual and group psychotherapy.

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  1. Desperado:

    hi i am 21 years old and i have always been easily aroused… my penis was about 5 1/2 in. and i started doing the excersises kegel i think.. to increase the size… i got up to 6 in. but now im having a real problem getting it up… i feel like its because my penis has a set blood intake that now it cannot fill… is my assumption correct? and if so what can i do? im still able to get an erection though sometimes very quickly so i don’t know…. what can i do? im looking for some type of answer…

    Posted on November 25th, 2007 at 12:08 pm

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