How do you define “Healthy Sex?”

The question “what is healthy sex?” and “what is sexually healthy for me?”  are important questions to ask yourself.  Whether you are seeking to move into your sexual potential or you are recovering from sexual addiction, you owe it to yourself to answer these questions.

Below are some guideline questions I have constructed to help you get your process going.  Take some time to focus and meditate on these questions.  When you’re ready, sit down with a pad of paper and pen and write out your questions long-hand.  You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself!

1. What were the messages you got from your family about sex and sexuality?

2. Were you taught/trained to get your needs met using your sexuality? What might some other ways look like?

4.  Were you taught to deny your sexuality?

3. What do you consider to be “normal” sexuality?

4. How does the culture at large inform you about sex and sexuality?

5. How does your smaller/immediate culture inform you about sex and sexuality?

6. What is your definition of sexuality? How does it differ from the above?

Be as honest as you can with yourself and see if you can share one revelation with us by clicking the comment button below.

Male Survivor International Conference

The National Organization against Male Sexual Victimization is a unique organization for male survivors; their family and friends who want to convey their support; as well as professionals who work with, and advocate for them.

The MaleSurvivor 2007 International Conference entitled Relief, Recovery, and Restoration: Helping Men Heal from Sexual Abuse will be held on October 25-28, 2007.  The event will take place at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City .  The 2007 international conference promises to be an exciting one so mark the date.

The Male Survivor International Conference is intended for male survivors and their loved ones; clinical and social service professionals; lawyers, law enforcement professionals, and legal advocates; and researchers, educators, and students.

By May, information regarding the Pre-conference Training Institutes, plenary and featured speakers, and concurrent workshops, as well as the cost for the conference and hotel accommodations will be posted on their website.

Sex Therapy Los Angeles

Cybersex Addiction Intensive

On June 28 – 30, 2007 in Minneapolis, Minnesota David Delmonico, Ph.D. and Elizabeth Griffin, MA, LMFT Authors, Clinicians, Researchers, and Trainers in Cybersex Related Issues will present an intensive dedicated solely to cybersex issues:

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This intensive will provide clients with the information and tools necessary
to address problematic cybersex behavior.  Through lecture, demonstration, and an intensive group setting, clients will create an Individualized Internet Health Plan to promote successful recovery.  Topics incorporated throughout the three
days include:

*  Comprehensive individualized assessment of your Internet behavior
*  First and second levels of change and relapse prevention
*  The role of intimacy formation and its relationship to the Internet
*  Creative and engaging methods to address cybersex issues
*  The power of the Internet and techniques for breaking the cycle

For more information, please visit:

Internet Behavior Consulting is excited to begin offering cybersex
intensive. Please let us know if you have any questions.

David and Elizabeth

Anatomy of Arousal and Bargains with Chaos

Dr. Patrick Carnes it currently touring the country presenting a course called “Anatomy of Arousal and Bargins with Chaos.”  This course is a comprehensive look at sexual addiction and the family. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Local experts will accompany Dr. Carnes durning this presentation and mental health professionals can receive CEU credits for attending.  To learn more about the presentation and find out if it’s coming to your city, go to