“How to Cure a Sex Addict…”

Christopher Beam writes about the kind of therapy Bill Clinton got for his sexually compulsive behaviors in an intelligent article called “How to Cure a Sex Addict.” Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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Sex Addiction Intensive in Houston

Dr. Milton Magness is offering Three-Day Intensives for Sex Addiction Recovery at Hope & Freedom Counseling Services in Houston, Texas.

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

The weekend intensives are a great way to jumpstart recovery and are also useful where people have not been successful in establishing long-term sobriety.  They are also useful when a person has experienced a slip or a relapse.

Three-Day Intensives are offered for men and also for couples.  If the client is in a committed relationship it is strongly suggested that the couple engage in the intensive process together.

Intensives include the following:

Understanding the origins of sex addiction.

  • Establishing a foundation for continued recovery.
  • Integrating recovery routines into the couple relationship.
  • Reestablishing trust in the relationship.
  • Preventing relapse.
  • Developing a personal recovery plan.

A very limited number of intensives are offered each month.  A calendar of the remaining dates available are on the Hope & Freedom website link below. For clients who are currently in therapy, Intensives are planned in consultation with the referring therapist.

For more information go to www.hopeandfreedom.com or call Dr. Magness at (713) 630-0111.

Put an end to your sexless marriage

Have you lost interest in sex in your marriage?  Do you wonder if this is “normal” or do you blame your partner?  Do you struggle with whether you should move on?  Do you dream of finding the “perfect” mate?

These are often asked questions that can silently pain individuals and keep them stuck in unhappy marriages.  Although talking about sex can be difficult, living without it can be cause shame, depression, and/or low self-esteem.  Challenging yourself to get into couples therapy and speak the unspeakable is the first step to getting “unstuck” and starting to feel alive again. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

In life, we often have to choose between the pain of staying in our misery or the pain that it takes to change.  Neither are easy but staying miserable will keep us small and stuck while the pain of change will have us growing and moving towards our full potential as human beings.

You choose!  For more on sex therapy and it’s benefits, go to:


Sexual Compulsivity Workshops for Men

Dr. Michael Johnson of Austin, Texas will host the 2007 season workshops for sexually compulsive and addicted men.  In it’s sixth year, this series of workshops are designed for men new to recovery, struggling to maintain sobriety, or undecided as to whether they are sexually addicted.

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

The four fundamental goals of the workshop are:

  1. To understand the origin, function, and consequences of the addiction
  2. To reduce the shame underlying and caused by the addiction
  3. To develop a robust recovery plan and acquire tools needed to maintain sobriety
  4. To share the healing experience of healthy and honest community
    The dates for these 3-day workshops are:February 9 – 11

    March 23-25

    April 11-13

    May 22-24

    Where:  Beautiful downtown Austin, Texas.
    Cost:  $800  (meals and accommodations are not included)

    Learn more about the workshops at


    Or you can contact Dr. Michael Johnson directly at 512-928-4357 or Doctor@Sexual-addict.com.

    Good luck in your recovery!  Let us know how it goes by clicking the “comment” button below
    (Workshop Presented by Insight Coaching, LLC)