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This is a wonderful blog where the author shares his recovery, strength and hope.  It’s full of resources and information should you or a loved one be struggling with issues of sexual addiction. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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Young adults and Pornography

Today, young adults are more familiar with pornography then previous generations.  A study was conducted amoung college age students and the findings are interesting.  According to the study, young women are less likely to look at porn daily, and don’t see it as a problem if someone does.  In fact, they state that it’s an acceptable way to express sexuality. The author of the study states that we are living in the age of “pocket porn,” where porn is always available. 

This is an interesting study as it shows us just how normalized pornography has become in our culture.  Sex Addiction Los Angeles. Take a look:

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Sex Addiction from the Mayo Clinic

On this page, you will find one of the most simple and comprehensive articles I’ve come across on sexual addiction.  It addresses the following questions:

  • What are the signs and symptoms?
  • What causes compulsive sexual behaviors?
  • What are the risk factors?
  • When to seek medical advice
  • Is there a way to screen for the problem and is thera a diagnosis?
  • What are the complications?
  • What does treatment entail?
  • What are the best measures for prevention?
  • What part does self-care play in recovery?

If you or a loved one is suffering from this problem, you can read the entire article on the Mayo Clinic’s site:

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

How to find good sex education

People ask me how they can find good sex education for their kids and when they will know if the information is good information.  I think the most important factor in deciding whether the information is good is if the information is age appropriate.  Making sure kids feel comfortable hearing the information can make a difference in whether they can take in the information and use it constructively, or feel shamed about it.  Shaming can shut them down at best and traumatize them at worst.  Sex Therapy Los Angeles

This article gives you all the elements of good sex education and offers accurate information in context and is respectful of the audience receiving the sex education.

Take a look at the article by clicking this link:

Teen angst and sexual wisdom

Jennifer Freed, Ph.d. writes:

Angst and the teenager. Like bread and butter, right? One of the main sources of their suffering comes from the consequences young people encounter from unconscious decision making around sexual choices. They still get and transmit STD’s, they frequently sleep with people when they are high or drunk, and they have sex because they want to be liked.

Relationship Wisdom engages the young person in a conscious working of their own values, desires, and dreams relating to their sexual journey.  This consumable workbook contains over 30 exercises with blank journal pages throughout.  It is designed for teens to become aware of their sexuailty and their sexual practices increasing their emotional intelligence in the process. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

For mor information on Relationship Wisdom, contact Dr. Freed at 805-681-0022 or

Korea creates “boot camps” for cyber addiction

Cyber addiction has become such a problem, with youth actually dropping dead, that the Korean government has created “boot camp” style rehabs to help people stop.  Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Read this article in the NY Times and give us your feedback.

When do you know if sex is a problem?

There are some heated debates over whether sex addiction exists or whether it’s a strategy to turn sexual expression into something shameful, bad and downright wrong.  The people who don’t believe in sex addiciton believe that the people who treat sex addiction are out to create profitable businesses.  The people who do believe that sex addiction is a real problem see the porn industry as the major profiteers. 

The anti-sex addiction people believe that the pro-sex addiction people are out to create a culture of fear.  They believe if the pro-sex addiction people succeed then sexual expression will be feared and the use of pornography, homosexual sex, premarital sex, and other sexual behaviors will be shut down. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Do you think that sex addiciton is real?  Or do you think it’s a construction to make people scared; to give up pornography, pleasure and the right to sexual expression?

How do you know if you are a sexual free spirit or if sex is causing you problems? 

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Do you believe sex addiction is real?

MSNBC is currently running a poll on this topic and here are the findings:

Do you believe that sexual addiction is real?   * 12819 responses

Yes, I think some people have a destructive relationship with sex.
No, I think it’s largely an excuse some people use for cheating or other bad behavior.
I’m not sure.

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Can Sex Addiction be Cured?

People seeking recovery from sex addiciton, or their partners, often ask whether they can be “cured,” as if the “condition” were a rash or something that can easily be cleared up.  The truth is that true sex addiction requires a lot of on-going attention to the problem and the underlying conditions that caused the problem.  A true “cure” may never come, but people can stop their problematic, and often, destructive behaviors by getting the right help. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This article, called “How to Cure a Sex Addict,” provides clear information about what course a person might take in order to get help for his or her problematic sexual behaviors.

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Is Porn Right or Wrong?

Do you think pornograhy is a problem in and of itself?  Or does the person partaking in it turn it into a problem based on their past traumas and feelings of shame?  What is right and what is wrong for you when it comes to viewing porn?  Do you think about this and where it fits into your life, community, family?  When was the last time you had a serious talk about porn with your spouse and/or teenage children?

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Ron Jeremy, porn star and Michael Leahy, recovering sex addict travel around the country and debate these issues.  You can learn more about their debates by going to: