Porn Addiction on CNN

Glen Beck of CNN is doing a three-part series on pornography, “America’s Addiction.”

Porn Addiction Los Angeles

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Teen Prostitution on the Rise

According to this article, teenage prostitution is increasing in numbers with approximately 650,000 teens having prostituted themselves.  These are sickening numbers and most of them are runaways and come from homes where they have been abused in some way.

Teens today are so much more sexually advanced, in part, because of the availability of pronography and because of the endless sexualized images they see in the media.  The world of porn gets glamorized and offers promise of money, “fun” or a “cool” life.  Those who end up on the streets find anything but fun.  They are tragically abused by older, predatory men. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

When are we going to grow ourselves up as a culture and stop the madness?  When are people going to deal with their dysfunction and stop passing it down to their kids?  Why have our kids become disposable, throwaways?

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Help for Sex Industry Workers

If you or anyone you know needs help getting out of the sex industry, go to these websites for valuable resources.

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Web Filtering Options

As we take a look at our culture and listen to what’s going on around us and understand the impact of pornography on the brain, we now know that Internet pornography is highly addictive. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

One way to protect your family while they enjoy the internet is to find tools that will make Internet use safe.  This site offers software, books and free articles to help prevent exposure to pornography and prevent addiction.

Women and Sex Addiction

Unfortunately, there is never enough information or support for women struggling with sexual addiction.  Go to this site and you will find a SA discussion board. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

If you are struggling, you’ll find you’re not alone.  I hope you find this helpful.

Sex Addiction Can Equal Jail Time

This is a sad example of what can happen to someone if they don’t get help for their sexually compulsive behaviors.  This guy’s addiction got out of hand and before he knew it, he was in the middle of a sting operation and is facing prision time. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Sex addiction is no joke.  If you need help, get it now! 470056.html

Cybersex in the Phillipines

Cybersex addiciton is effecting people of all ages and ethnicities around the world.  Young Filipinos of today are hooked on the Internet, and especially on cybersex.  Although there are no disturbing statistical studies done to scrutinize online sexual activities, it is very apparent that pornography and prostitution are prevailing in the Philippines. Porn Addiction Los Angeles

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Girls, when do you know it’s time to have sex?

“Well, when do you have sex?”

“When you feel emotionally intimate. When you trust each other and really care about each other’s wellbeing. When you know that the feelings are not just sexual, and that the sexuality is coming from the emotional intimacy rather than from a sexual addiction. Why not wait until there is a commitment to the relationship and to learning and growing with each other? How often have you slept with a man that you were really attracted to and then had the relationship not work out?”

Sex Therapy Los Angeles

To read the rest of this article and contact the author, Margaret Paul, Ph.D. visit the website below.  Dr. Paul is a best-selling author and co-author of eight books, including “Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?” and “Healing Your Aloneness.”

Does Sexual Addiction Exist?

Wikipedia offers good information and a lively discussion on sexual addiction, what it is and whether it exists.  Sex Addiction Los Angeles. Check it out at:

David Zailer Talks About Sex Addiction

Tuesday, August 23rd at 8:00 PM EST  (7:00 pm Pacific)  Telecourse Contact: Tess Marshall   616-460-6729

If you are addicted to porn and have ever wondered, “Is There Hope for Me?” According to David Zailer the answer is Yes! His own life proves that hope and grace are available to everyone. David has found healing and transformation from childhood sexual abuse, family secrets, drug addiction and the production of pornography. He can help you find healing as well!

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Join us as David shares about his process and experience that changed his live and how he helps others find healing their own lives!

You will learn:

* The most necessary ingredient for
recovery from sexual addiction
* How sexual healing leads to a life of integrity
* How to discover your own freedom
* How shame effects our physical, emotional
and spiritual health
* How to give up the need to be right
* The power of the 12-Steps
* Operation Integrity, what’s it all about?

David Zailer currently facilitates recovery groups for sexual addiction as well as assists others in recovery from drugs and alcohol. David also has authored  “When Lost Men Come Home” to help men gain or regain their sexual integrity.

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