Sexual Abuse

No one likes to talk about sexual abuse because it’s so painful.  But getting help and talking about it is necessary in order to heal and prevent the cycle from continuing.

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused or been the abuser, here is a site that is full of information for getting help.

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Books on Sex Education

I know this site is heavy on sex addiction problems and what not to do sexually.  So here are some refreshing, hopefully fun, book suggestions on what you can do to have fun with your sexuality!

Sex Therapy Los Angeles

There are some really wonderful educational books on sex that have come out in the last few years and here’s a site that is pretty comprehensive in its listing.  These make great holiday gifts to the one you love too!!

Click on this link to find out what’s currently in print.

Sex Addiction Treatment in Vancouver, Canada

If you or a loved one are seeking help for sexual addiction and live on the west coast of Canada, contact Paulette Thomasson at the link below.  Good luck in your recovery! Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Is sexual surrogacy for you?

Vena Blanchard has been a professional surrogate partner (and advocate for ethical surrogate practice) for the last 20 years. She is the current president of the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA) and is also their senior trainer. She has written and spoken extensively about sex therapy, surrogate partner therapy, and the dynamics of sexuality and change. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

You can read more about the work of a sexual surrogate to see if it’s for you by going to the link below.  If you have any comments, please click the comment button below and let us know what you think.

Internet Infidelity

Marlene Maheu, Ph.D. has written a book called “Infidelity on the Internet.”  You can go to this self-help site if you are struggling with this problem. Sex Addiction Los Angeles