Can Ted Haggard be Converted??

I find this article in the Boston Globe disturbing because the dialog about Ted Haggard’s sexual acting out is being framed around whether or not he is gay.  In order to remedy his problem, he has apparently agreed to go through conversion therapy.

Sadly, all parties are missing the strong possability that Mr. Haggard is a sex addict and it remains to be seen whether he is gay or straight.  It doesn’t sound like the “restoration” program he will go through will include sex addiction treatment but will “restore” his heterosexuality. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Sadly, we are still living in the dark ages about this problem.  To read the article click on the link listed.  Please let us know your thoughts about this by clicking on the comments button below.

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Ted Haggard

I am relieved to know that Ted Haggard came out with his truth about the accusations made against him last week.  From the moment I head the first report that he only bought the drugs and recieved a massage, I knew he was minimizing his behaviors because that’s what sex addicts do. Actually, I was sure that he had used the drugs and had sex with the prostitute for the three years he was accused of and knew that this was not a new problem for him.

It was shocking to hear his congregants minimizing his behaviors on the radio, and in some cases out right denying them.  It is interesting to hear the anger on various blogs today about his immorality and the thrill that comes from bringing the religous right down. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

What both sides are missing is that Mr. Haggard needs serious help. An obvious lesson here is that a person can pray “until the cows come home” and it will not make a difference in their sexual acting out behaviors.  God alone cannot fix this problem because if that were the case, Mr. Haggard would have fixed this problem a long time ago.  In fact, he stated that he has been struggling with his own personal darkness in this area his entire adult life.

Sad as this is, it may be the most important time in Mr. Haggard’s life and therefore in his ministry.  Getting into sexual recovery and making the changes he needs to live a congruent life will be the greatest gift he can give to himself and others.  Let’s hope he does.  For the latest article on this topic go to: