Teen Prostitution on the Rise

According to this article, teenage prostitution is increasing in numbers with approximately 650,000 teens having prostituted themselves.  These are sickening numbers and most of them are runaways and come from homes where they have been abused in some way.

Teens today are so much more sexually advanced, in part, because of the availability of pronography and because of the endless sexualized images they see in the media.  The world of porn gets glamorized and offers promise of money, “fun” or a “cool” life.  Those who end up on the streets find anything but fun.  They are tragically abused by older, predatory men. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

When are we going to grow ourselves up as a culture and stop the madness?  When are people going to deal with their dysfunction and stop passing it down to their kids?  Why have our kids become disposable, throwaways?

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