Sex Addiction Can Equal Jail Time

This is a sad example of what can happen to someone if they don’t get help for their sexually compulsive behaviors.  This guy’s addiction got out of hand and before he knew it, he was in the middle of a sting operation and is facing prision time. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Sex addiction is no joke.  If you need help, get it now! 470056.html


The Center for Healthy Sex (CHS) treats a broad spectrum of sexual disorders including; sex addiction, low sexual desire and sexual dysfunction. The experienced, highly skilled clinical staff of CHS offers intensive individual and group psychotherapy.

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  1. Break_ N_Free:

    I was wondering if you would mind exchanging links…Also if you have any short writings regarding sexual addiction I would love to feature you and your practice as one of our outercircle guest therapists.

    Please tell your collegues about our blog

    Shannon Munford

    Posted on September 18th, 2006 at 4:25 pm

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