David Zailer Talks About Sex Addiction

Tuesday, August 23rd at 8:00 PM EST  (7:00 pm Pacific)  Telecourse Contact: Tess Marshall   616-460-6729

If you are addicted to porn and have ever wondered, “Is There Hope for Me?” According to David Zailer the answer is Yes! His own life proves that hope and grace are available to everyone. David has found healing and transformation from childhood sexual abuse, family secrets, drug addiction and the production of pornography. He can help you find healing as well!

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Join us as David shares about his process and experience that changed his live and how he helps others find healing their own lives!

You will learn:

* The most necessary ingredient for
recovery from sexual addiction
* How sexual healing leads to a life of integrity
* How to discover your own freedom
* How shame effects our physical, emotional
and spiritual health
* How to give up the need to be right
* The power of the 12-Steps
* Operation Integrity, what’s it all about?

David Zailer currently facilitates recovery groups for sexual addiction as well as assists others in recovery from drugs and alcohol. David also has authored  “When Lost Men Come Home” to help men gain or regain their sexual integrity.

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