Sexual Healing On Showtime

Dr. Laura Berman’s new show “Sexual Healing” on Showtime takes us into the lives and bedrooms of real couples.  This show promises to give us a look at the struggle other couples work and live with and the process of what couples therapy is really like. Sex Therapy Los Angeles

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Women and sexual pain

Did you know that many women suffer from painful intercourse, low sexual desire and other sexual dysfunctions? Sex Therapy Los Angeles

A survey reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1999 suggested that more than 40% of women suffer from female sexual dysfunction. More than a fifth (22%) of those in the survey complained of low sexual desire, 14% experienced problems with sexual arousal (lack of vaginal lubrication) and 7% had pain during intercourse.

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Recovery Resources

Wow!  Check out Sexual Addiciton Recovery Resources.  This site is full on information and resources for anyone who is struggling with the effects of sexual addiction.

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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Are you having sex with a sex addict?

If a woman’s partner is a sex addict, first and foremost she should make sure that any sex she is having with him is safe sex. Sex addicts frequently engage in risky sex, which may include unprotected sex.

This can be a difficult thing for a woman to ask of her partner, primarily because it requires confronting his infidelity, but a woman’s health can depend on it. It is also important for a woman whose partner is a sex addict to seek counseling for herself as well as her partner. Being in a relationship with a sex addict can have a real effect on a woman’s self esteem, and her feelings of desirability, power and trust.

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