One Man’s Story…

Here’s one mans story of sex addiction:

Russell is 30, married, and is a sex addict. ‘Every week was the same. I would play rugby on a Sunday morning, meet this woman after the game at the same car park and then have sex in my car. Yet the intensity and excitement would begin when I packed my kitbag on Saturday night. It sounds bizarre but I got sexually excited cleaning my boots the day before, because I knew what was to come the next day. It wasn’t about who I was meeting or how I felt about her or anything. There was no love. She was just a means to an end. A supplier almost. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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  1. Alexa:

    I loved reading your post on the 30 year old who suffered from a sex addiction. I related to it so much. I too suffer from a sex addiction as well as a love addiction. Just like Russell, the 30 year old in your post, I start getting excited while I prepare to go out to meet men. I am married, but I am out of control when it comes to NEEDING other men to be attracted to me and want me. Anyway, I have a love and sex addiction blog as well. It is . This blog lets the viewers follow me through discovery of my addiction throughout my recovery… such as Therapy, SLAA meetings and Recovery Assignments. I am just so thrilled to have read your amazing story. Thanks for sharing with us and helping people overcome this debilitating addiction.

    Posted on July 7th, 2006 at 7:09 pm

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