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Wow!  This is a comprehensive site that give you lots of resources for getting help with sex addiction.  Whether you are an addict, spouse, counselor, or family member, there’s information for you.  I hope you find what you need from this site. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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“Sexy Body Secrets: 6 Moves for Bedroom Bliss”

Check out the March issue of Self Magazine which came out on the newsstands on Wednesday, February 15.  Deena Goodman, Physical Therapist is featured on pages 160-164 in the article called “Sexy-body secrets: 6 Moves for Bedroom Bliss”

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

From March 20-31 she will answer reader questions for Self Magazine at  Go to  “Ask the Expert” for those 2 weeks and Deena will help you improve your sex life!

For more information, or to contact Deena directly go to:

You can call Deena in her Beverly Hills office at 310-739-0042.

Have fun!!

Sexuality and Family Upbringing

Tune in to Jennifer Berman, M.D.’s talk radio show on AM 1150 tonight.  I will be a guest from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. talking about the impact of family environments and how that impacts our sexuality.

LA’s Progressive Talk AM 1150

See you there!  Alex

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Financial assistance for treatment

If you know you are sexually addicted and want help but don’t have the funds, don’t dispair there’s help available.  You can contact Recovery Circles and they will help you find the right treatment for your problem.  Start by visiting their web site at:

Good luck in your recovery!!

Sex Addiction Los Angeles


If you can tune in to the Dr. Jennifer Berman show this Saturday night, Deena Goodman, Vaginal Physical Therapist, will be a guest on the show, which should air from 11-11:30pm PST.

Deena will be talking about anorgasmia and the type of work she does as a Physical Therapist to help women who are unable to achieve orgasm.

This should be a ‘hot’ night of radio, and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Tune in to Progressive talk radio station, AM1150 radio.
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Recovery Radio Show

Sex Addiction Expert Dr. Patrick Carnes to Lead Month-Long Series to Be Aired on the Recovery Radio Show. Dr. Patrick Carnes, the icon and noted pioneer in the field of Sex Addiction therapy, will headline a Recovery Radio Show guest line-up during a groundbreaking February series addressing one of the least understood yet most pervasive addictions. The Recovery Radio Show airs LIVE each Saturday night 6-8 p.m. (Pacific Time) and gives listeners a toll-free call-in number, (888) 995-5552, so they can discuss their addiction issues of all kinds in a safe, anonymous environment.

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Sex addiction vs. sex offending

Alot of people get confused about the difference between sexual addiction and sex offending.  They are NOT the same thing.  A person may be sexually addicted but that does not mean that he/she is engaging in offending behaviors. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Likewise, a sex offender may not be compulsive in his/her behaviors.  It’s also important to understand the difference between violent and non-violent sex offenders.

For a clear understanding of these differences, go to

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Spice up your sex life!

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If Valentine’s Day has gotten a little stale for you, visit this site and take a look at the newest, most innovative vibrators for you and your partner.

Have fun!

Sex Addiction Los Angeles