When to go to a sex therapist vs. a medical doctor

Have you noticed that a lot of your friends and family go to counseling or therapy and have no problem talking about it?  Thankfully, counselling and therapy have become popular options today for those in need of support.  But if you have a sex problem, then you probably need to see someone who specialises in sex rather than someone who is a general therapist.

That said, the first order of business should always be to explore whether your sexual difficulties are medical problems, and to get help for these you need to see a doctor. You might feel embarrassed at first to talk to your doctor about your problems, but if you have a good relationship with your doctor and know that s/he is easy to talk to, then start there. However, if you’re too embarrassed to talk to this person, or you think that he or she might not be experienced enough, your best bet is to go to someone whose specialty is sexual medicine.

The kind of sexual problems that are medical are usually things that hurt – like a tight foreskin or a vagina that feels taut and uncomfortable if intercourse is attempted. Erectile Dysfunction, impotence and rapid ejaculation are often concerns for many.  A doctor can help you determine whether your problem is organic or rooted in performance anxiety.  There is always the possibility that your problem is being caused by a medical condition, such as diabetes, infections, allergies etc.  If you have a discharge (from either a penis or vagina) or if it hurts when you pee then that would most likely require medical attention.

Problems such the inability to reach orgasm, low sexual desire, and relationship problems can be better addressed by a sex therapist.  You can find a certified sex therapist in your area by going to www.aasect.org

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