Recovery for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Weekends of Recovery For Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

The MaleSurvivor Weekends of Recovery provide a way to find words, understanding and a sense of community to men as they continue their experience of psychotherapy or begin the process of recovery. This experience is structured to provide experiences that are not often available in traditional talk therapy environments.

These dynamic retreats are structured to respond to the many issues facing men on their journey through recovery.  This is an opportunity to
share with other survivors some aspect of your healing journey, share inner pain with others who have been there, give a voice to your experience as a survivor, experience a safe environment and a safe place to let go and open up, and a safe place to build and experience a sense of community and joy.

“It was the safest retreat I’ve ever been to. I never felt, for even an
instant, that anyone was at risk. The process was empowering and supportive. I connected with other guys powerfully. I’m still corresponding with most of them in a supportive and nurturing way.” (Retreat Participant)

2006 Weekend of Recovery Schedule: Schedule

April 28 – April 30, 2006: Level 1
Simpsonwoods Retreat Center: Atlanta, GA

May 26 – 28, 2006: Clergy Persons Abused by Clergy
(Open to female & male clergy abused by clergy)
Co-sponsored by Male Survivor & Kirkridge
Kirkridge Retreat & Study Center: Bangor, PA

September 8 – 10, 2006: Advanced (requires prior attendance at Level 1) Alta Lodge: Salt Lake City, Utah

October 13 -15, 2006: Level 1 Hope Springs Institute: Peebles, Ohio

November 3 -5: Level 1
Mysthaven Country Retreat and Spa
Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

More information & registration for these Weekends of Recovery is available at the Male Survivor web site:
or contact Howard Fradkin, PhD. at 800-285-9397 or MaleSurvivor at 800-738-4181.

“These people (MaleSurvivor) really care about us! Our boundaries were respected, defenses were respected, and the ability to
take a time out to get grounded was respected and supported. I thoroughly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting a fuller, happier, healthier, more fulfilling life!”  (Retreat Participant)

What an incredibly powerful, healing experience. I’m so grateful that I went, in spite of how uncertain I was that something like this would work for me. I got so much out of being with a group of amazing men really dealing with these hard issues, and caring about and supporting each other. The facilitators were amazing, caring, affirming, sincere. I never imagined that I’d be able to be so open and I got in touch with stuff I had never been able to get to in therapy. I left with a feeling of peace and joy, and have a real sense of excitement about
the work I need to do next to deal with the many ways that my sexual abuse has impacted my life. ” (Retreat Participant)

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