The Relationship of Sex and Intimacy

So many people want to fix their sex lives without looking at their relationship.  We have this romantic notion that sex happens early on in a relationship and is ment to stay that way over time.

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Resentments build up, busy careers create exhaustion, kids, commitments in the community, etc. all can diminish the love that brought two people togeather in the first place.

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Without a strong, loving, intimate friendship it’s very difficult to have a regular, loving, erotic sex life.  Has your relationship and sex life gotten marginalized?  Is your relationship in trouble?

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Is sex therapy for you?

Do you feel stuck in your sexual relationship even though you love your partner?  Do you think that things will “just get better” over time?  Have you been waiting a long time for things to “just get better?”  If so, sex therapy may be for you.

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People are often afraid or embarrassed to talk about their sexuality with a professional.  However, if you can’t talk about sex, you probably can’t “do” sex.  Bodies and preferences change as people age.  Arousal time may take longer then it used to and being able to communicate this to your partner is essential.

To answer the question, “Is sex therapy for you?”  take a look at this article and see what you think.

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Sexual Addiction

Here’s a live video feed from Channel 5 in Wisconsin.  They interview a few sexual addicts, talk about what it is and how many people it affects in this country.  Log on to their site at this address:

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More on Cybersex Addiction

With all the buzz about cybersex addiction it’s good to know that there are a lot of great resources out there for help.  This web site gives you comprehensive information and can answer a lot of questions you may have.

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Symptoms of Love Addiction

Do you find yourself going from one painful relationship to another?  Do you feel desperate about ever finding someone to love?  Often love addicts report these symptoms.  Additionally, people report feeling afraid of rejection, afraid of being hurt, fearing new situations and feeling like they will never get what they want.

Love addicts often become sexually co-dependent meaning they feel they have to have sex with someone in order to be loved or loveable.  Here are some general symptoms to look out for:

Love can be “addictive” when it…

  • Is all consuming and obsessive
  • Is inhibited
  • Avoids risk or change
  • Lacks true intimacy
  • Is manipulative, strikes deals
  • Is dependent and parasitic
  • Demands the loved one’s devotion

For more information on this topic take a look at the following books:

“Is it Love or is it Addiction?” by Barbara Schaeffer

“Facing Love Addiction”  by Pia Mellody

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