Science and Consciousness Conference

Although this doesn’t have much to do with sex and sexuality, I want to invite you anyway.  This is a fascinating conference where you will learn and stretch your ideas about the nature of life.  If your curious, I encourage you to take a look at this site. Sex Addiction Los Angeles
John Cogswell and Alexandra Katehakis will be a featured presenters at The 2006 International Conference on Science and Consciousness, April 21-26, in Santa Fe, New Mexico,  USA.
The exploration of consciousness remains the new frontier of scientific inquiry.  Physicists, medical researchers, psychologists, anthropologists, shamans, healers, meditators have all experienced phenomenon which cannot be explained under the old scientific paradigm.    This conference brings together a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the field of consciousness who will share their knowledge through lecture, discussion and experiential sessions.
Come join your peers and 48 presenters including Peter Russell, Don Campbell, Fred Alan Wolf, Helen Caldicott, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Richard Moss, Dan Millman, Gregg Braden, Cleve Backster, Konstantin Korotokov, JZ Knight, Christine Page, Russell Targ, William Tiller, and MORE.

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