Erectile Dysfunction

Are you and/or your partner concerned about erectile dysfunction?  Many men suffer from this problem and often times the solution to the problem is easier then people think.

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Here are some frequently asked questions:

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED, is the inability to achieve and sustain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse.

2. Is Erectile Dysfunction a Normal Part of Aging?

No. ED doesn’t have to be a part of getting older. While it is true that older men may need more stimulation (such as stroking and touching) to achieve an erection, they should still be able to get an erection and enjoy sex.

3. Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Prevented?

For people who are at risk of developing ED due to personal behavior, such as drinking too much alcohol, steps may be taken to prevent its occurrence. However, other causes of ED may not be preventable.

4. How Is Erectile Dysfunction Treated?

There are many different ways ED can be treated, including: oral medications, sex therapy, penile injections and surgery. Each type of treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Talk to your doctor to determine the best treatment for you.

5. How Successful Is Viagra at Treating ED in Diabetics?

Viagra is generally a successful therapy for erectile dysfunction, with about 50% of people achieving positive results using the drug with a minimum of side effects.

6. Does Insurance Cover ED Treatment?

Insurance coverage of ED depends upon the type of treatment prescribed. If there is a documented medical condition that is shown to be causing ED, insurance will usually cover at least some of it. Sex therapy and medications that have not yet been approved by the FDA, however, are generally not covered. Along with sexual therapy and medications not approved by they FDA, Medicaid does not cover vacuum constriction devices or penile implants. Talk to your insurance provider to determine if the treatment you are considering will be covered.

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